Sector of activity: Health
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Jules Charles Kébé
Employees: 89
Country: Senegal
A propos:


DUOPHARM was created in 2003 under the initiative of a merger of nearly 150 Senegalese pharmacists. Since then, the company achieved a breakthrough in the Senegalese pharmaceutical landscape thanks to its proximity marketing strategy. Local pharmaceutics market is characterized by high competitive intensity and a strong presence of European multinational companies. However this market is experiencing very strong growth in Senegal, where health spending per capita increased sharply since the early 2000s. Thus since 1999, the number of drugstore has doubled since 1999 and the pharmaceutical market shows an annual increase of about 6%.



Jules Charles Kebe, Director of Duopharm, was medical sales representative for Pfizer and led the COPHASE, second wholesaler-distributor of Senegal from 1999 to 2002. 



I&P committed alongside with DUOPHARM: 

• To deepen with developers, and with the support of a pharmacist who had a similar experience in Mali, the initial financial projections and action plan

• To provide funding to the company at its inception and contributing to capital increases

• To elaborate the financial strategy



In 2016, I&P sold its shares to the pharmacists who founded the company.



• Emergence of a local player in the pharmaceutical distribution (both leaders are subsidiaries of French companies)

• 89 jobs in 2015, which is a 20% increase compared to 2014

• 25% of the employees are women 

• 4 400 references of pharmaceutical products distributed to over 500 customers 

• 17 local suppliers 



In portfolio since: 2010-2016


Sector of activity: Health
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Djibrilla Hima et Mahamane Sekou
Employees: 20
Country: Niger
A propos:

Saphar, a Nigerian company established in 1999, is the third largest pharmaceutical distributor in the country, after two subsidiaries of international groups. The company supplies the rural and public hospitals in Niger with generics. The project initially aimed to improve the offer in these underserved areas.


The Entrepreneurs

Since 1999, after the liberalization of the sector, Mahamane Sekou, Doctor of Pharmacy and former Director of the Public Pharmaceutical Supply Centre has teamed up with his friend Djibrilla Hima, a former senior official, to create the largest private medicines distributor in Niger. They gathered around them a few pharmacists from Niamey to complete the roundtable and start the business.


I&P’s partnership 

I&P committed alongside with Saphar:

• To replenish its capital in 2006, when the company has experienced some difficulties

• To help it obtain a renewed confidence from the local banking sector

• To redefine its strategy, with an emphasis on the development of sectors outside Niamey, shunned by other players

• To develop a range of quality generic products

• To improve management processes and information systems



 • 10 jobs created

• Improved access to generic high-quality medicines for inland populations

In portfolio since: 2006-2011


Sector of activity: Health
Status: En cours d'investissement
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Malick SY
Employees: 10
Country: Mali
A propos:

CAMED is the third largest pharmaceutical distributor in Mali and the leader on the generics market. Created in 1995 and initially Specialized in generic drugs, CAMED was subsequently transformed into a universal distributor, and offers a diverse range of pharmaceutical products. Since the lifting of pharmaceutical monopoly of the Pharmacie Populaire du Mali, this wholesale has become a major player in the availability and distribution of drugs, including specialty drugs and consumables.



After 8 years of coaching, I&P sold its shares in 2011 to local pharmacists and the main pharmaceutical wholesaler provider of CAMED. The fund leaves behind a formal company, with well-structured quality management, and a turnover tripled. CAMED is now # 3 on the market challenger of two multinationals with a reported return on investment of over 20%.



Malick Sy is a doctor graduated from the University of Bamako in pharmacy. His desire to undertake led him at the end of his studies to refuse job offers. He started an import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, starting with a motorcycle and funds borrowed from relatives. His business sense, its strategic direction and ability to surround himself with good managers and teams have enabled him to win in CAMED’s outstanding success. He is determined to prove that it is possible for local players to shine in a competitive environment of the pharmaceutical market.



I&P is committed alongside with CAMED:

• By helping to structure and strengthen management and business accounting

• By investing in storage spaces and rolling stock

• By organizing the marketing approach and enlargement of the product portfolio

• By helping to raise bank loans to finance the stock of medicines



• Creating a dozen jobs

• Development of a range of quality generic products at affordable prices


In portfolio since: 2003 (exit in 2011)


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