Country: Mali
Sector of activity: Health, Textile
Status: Seed funding
Associed fund: I&P Accélération, I&P Accélération au Sahel, Zira Capital
Entrepreneur: Awa et Adam Drabo
In portfolio since: 2022

2AD Company is a company producing and marketing sanitary pads in Bamako, Mali. The main mission of 2AD Company is to reduce the taboo around menstruation and to help teenagers and young girls to blossom during their menstrual cycle by offering them adapted and environmentally friendly sanitary pads.


The entrepreneurs

The company was created by Awa and Adam Drabo, two twin sisters who both completed internships at the National Laboratory of Mali and the Institute of Rural Economy of Mali (IER) before launching into entrepreneurship in 2019.  Awa manages the production and the purchase of raw materials, the storage and the management of the relationship with the different suppliers. Adam handles the sales and marketing side and manages the brand's communication on the various social networks. 


Partnership with I&P and Zira Capital

2AD Company is supported by Zira Capital through I&P Acceleration program in Sahel. This partnership has mainly for objective to :

Improve the production tool and the quality of finished products

Increase sales to middle class customers through the implementation of an adapted commercial strategy

Support the company in strengthening the technical skills of human capital

Structure the organization and cost management through the implementation of internal procedures


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