Country: Ghana
Sector of activity: Service
Status: Capital investment
Associed fund: IPAE 1
Entrepreneur: Thomas Crand, Pierrick Morier, Franck Laurore
Employees: 35
In portfolio since: 2014

Voltacars Rental Services (VRS) is a long-term rental and servicing company based in Ghana.

Created in 2003 by two French entrepreneurs, Pierrick Morier and Thomas Crand, VRS goes with a fleet of 87 vehicles as a highly-competitive partner for international firms (Total, Alcatel…). Today, the company aims at becoming the top corporate car rental in Ghana.




Voltacars is managed by Franck Laurore (General Director of VRS Africa), Francesco Ramella, (General Director of VRS Ghana), Jérémy Fabre (VRS Sénégal) and Ranya Bouchib (VRS Côte d’Ivoire)

The founders of the company, Pierrick Morier and Thomas Crand, are both members of the Board of Directors.



I&P committed alongside VRS

• To structure the management, financial and strategic team of the company

• To finance and accompany their expansion towards abroad markets



• Creation of local standards within a nascent market

• Development of a green cars offer

• Pollution control policy (waste oil recycled)

• Improvement of employees’ social conditions thanks to a healthcare system





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