GIIN investisseurs et partenaires
J.-M. Severino shares the insight of the Handbook "Investing in African SGBs" at GIIN meeting
News | 18/11/2015
  The GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) held an event designed for those actively engaged in investing in (or gearing up to invest in) early-stage ventures (with a focus particularly on the 'missing middle') delivering basic services in Africa. Jean-Michel Severino, President of...

Supporting African SMEs to ensure sustainable growth: two entrepreneurs share their experience
Entrepreneurs | 10/11/2015
    The platform recently published an article and a series of interviews to explain and demonstrate the role of African Small and Medium Enterprises for the development of the continent. Sidi Khalifou (CDS in Mauritania), Khadidiatou Nakoulima (...

October Newsletter is online!
News | 29/10/2015
    The last edition of the newsletter reviews I&P's busy agenda over the last two months, with the 4th entrepreneur seminar, the official launch of the "Club of Entrepreneurs", the new investments of IPAE portfolio and the first closing of the fund IPDEV2. Paul Derreumaux,...

Catherine Krobo Edusei Investisseurs Partenaires
Catherine Krobo-Edusei (Eden Tree) at the Women’ Food Leadership Forum
Entrepreneurs | 29/10/2015
    Catherine Krobo-Edusei, founder and director of Eden Tree in Ghana, has delivered a keynote address during the International Forum for Women’s Food leadership, held in Washington DC on October 27-28.     Eden Tree was founded in 1997 and has become...

I&P Club Africain Entrepreneurs
Launch of the "Club of African Entrepreneurs"
Entrepreneurs | 28/10/2015
  Investisseurs & Partenaires has organized, mid-october, its 4th training seminar dedicated to its partners, with the support of the European Bank of Investment and the fund FISEA. About 50 entrepreneurs have participated to address CSR issues in African SMEs. Read more on the...

IPDEV2 Closing
I&P announces the first closing of its fund IPDEV2
News | 27/10/2015
    IPDEV2, the first incubator and sponsor of African impact funds, held the signing of its first closing on October 20th 2015. While three funds are already operational, in Niger, Burkina Faso and Senegal, IPDEV2 aims to build a network of 10 impact funds in 10 African countries...

Portrait Entrepreneur: Bakary Coulibaly, from ENVAL LABORATOIRE in Ivory Coast
Entrepreneurs | 26/10/2015
    After a career in public education, Bakary Coulibaly decides to launch, with a couple of associates, a consultancy firm (started in 2000) and a microbiological laboratory (2012). Since its creation, the laboratory has gained a significant notoriety in the West African sub region...

A crowdfunding campaign to finance PhileoL's new project in Madagascar
Entrepreneurs | 23/10/2015
    The crowdfunding platform Blue Bees, dedicated to agriculture, agroecology and sustainable food system, has recently launched a campaign to support the Madagascan company PhileoL. The objective is to finance the annual collect of castor oil seeds, ensuring stable income for 5,...

Impact Assets 50 Investissseurs et Partenaires
I&P selected for the ImpactAssets 50 for the second consecutive year
News | 21/10/2015
  Investisseurs & Partenaires has been selected for the ImpactAssets 50 2015 (IA 50), a free, publically available online resource for impact investors and their advisors. The IA 50, now in its fifth year, is the first publically available database of private debt and equity impact...

IOT Investisseurs et Partenaires
IOT finalizes a first sale of sea cucumbers
Entrepreneurs | 19/10/2015
  The Madagascan company IOT, founded in 2012 by Jaco Chan Kit Waye and Olivier Méraud and specialized in the breeding of sea cucumbers, has recently closed its first exportation. IOT has developped, in partnership with a local team of scientists, a new growing technique of...

I&P organise 4th training seminar dedicated to portfolio entrepreneurs
News | 13/10/2015
  From 13 to 15 October, more than 50 entrepreneurs will be gathered for the 4th edition of I&P’s annual training seminar, dedicated to the partner companies. The seminar will address the key issues related to employees’ recruitment and loyalty, based on the following question: how to...

COP21 I&P Environnement
2 months before COP21 : Sustainable development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa
Intelligence & Analysis | 08/10/2015
The 195 States participating to the COP21, held in Paris in December 2015, had to submit their greenhouse-gas emission reduction target. The vast majority of African countries have respected the deadline, set on October 1st.     The cost of climate change for the continent...

ACEP Microfinance Investisseurs & Partenaires
The microfinance network ACEP develops its CSR policy
Entrepreneurs | 03/10/2015
            The microfinance network ACEP Africa Group is developping a formal CSR policy and social performance measurement tools. First developed in the ACEP institutions based in Niger, Burkina Fasob and Cameroon, this policy...

Aspen Network Development Entrepreneurs I&P
I&P participates to ANDE annual conference
News | 01/10/2015
    From September 30 to October 2, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) helds its annual conference, targeted at senior-level executives of ANDE member organizations, including leading investors, capacity development providers, foundations, banks,...

NEST clinique Sénégal Investisseurs et Partenaires
"Three young entrepreneurs who are transforming Africa" with K. Nakoulima (NEST)
Entrepreneurs | 28/09/2015
  HEC Alumni organizes, in partnership with Okan Consulting, a serie of conferences dedicated to Africa. The conference held on September 29 will focus on "three entrepreneurs who are transforming Africa". Among them stands Khadidiatou Nakoulima, the founder and director of the clinic NEST...

I&P welcomes two pioneer companies in its portfolio
News | 25/09/2015
The €54 million I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs (IPAE) fund, managed by Investisseurs & Partenaires, has recently invested, as minority stakeholders, in two companies based in West Africa. Both of them demonstrate the great innovation capacity of African SMEs, as they play a pioneering role...

Démographie Afrique Investisseurs et Partenaires
Sub-Saharan Africa: a major emerging demographic power
Intelligence & Analysis | 15/09/2015
  According to the last demographic forecasts, Sub-Saharan Africa will count 2.5 billion inhabitants by 2050. As underlined by the UN Report Revision of World Population Report, large demographic powers are emerging: Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia will...

Fight against stereotypes on Africa with the web-documentary Small is Powerful
News | 11/09/2015
The project Small is Powerful, initiated by Joan Bardeletti and Investisseurs & Partenaires, takes a major step forward with the launch of a dedicated web-documentary at the Forum Convergences, in Paris, and during the debates organized by the Monde Afrique in Abidjan. Broadcasted in...

Nutri’zaza director shares her experience at the Wolrd Forum Convergences
Entrepreneurs | 08/09/2015
    On Setpember 8, 2015, the director of the Madagascan company Nutri'zaza, Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo, participated to the workshop "What is a responsible social business?" organized by the Forum Convergences.   The workshop was moderated by Cécile Lapenu and gathered...

Convergences Investisseurs et Partenaires
I&P participates to the Forum Convergences, September 7-9th
News | 04/09/2015
  The 8th edition of the Forum Convergences will take place from September 7th to 8th in Paris, and will be focused on the topic ‘’Zero exclusion, zero carbon, zero poverty”. Launched in 2008, Convergences has become one of the main platforms for international development actors....

Les Grands Moyens Investisseurs et Partenaires
El País publishes a porfolio on the project Small is Powerful
In The Press | 03/09/2015
    El Pais Semanal, the weekly supplement of the Spanish newspaper El Pais publishes a 8-pages portfolio of the projet Small is Powerful. ► Download the portfolio       Most widely read newspaper of Spain with an audience of over 2 million daily...

EVPA Investisseurs et Partenaires
A practical guide to measure impact
Intelligence & Analysis | 18/08/2015
  EVPA (European Venture Philanthropy Association) publishes the second edition of its guide on impact measurement and management, targeted at venture philantropy organizations and social investors. The first objective of the manual is to create a roadmap or guidemap to help...

I&P publishes its Newsletter n°10, focused on SME financing in Africa
News | 20/07/2015
As stated by Omar Cissé and Olivier Furdelle in the edito of the 10th newsletter published by Investisseurs & Partenaires, "access to finance shoult not be an obstacle to entrepreneurship in Africa". The founders of the Senegalese investment fund Teranga Capital explain why it is necessary to...

I&P's carbon offset program for 2013-2014
News | 15/07/2015
Since 2011, I&P has committed to compensate for its carbon footprint. For the 2013-2014 period, I&P has chosen a project promoted by ECOSUR in Ivory Coast to offset its carbon emissions. I&P carbon emissions represent 515 tons of CO2, 90% of them coming from plane travels....

Portrait of Marcel Ouédraogo, founder of SIATOL
Entrepreneurs | 14/07/2015
Siatol is a young soybean processing company founded in 2010 by Marcel Ouédraogo. He worked ten years in the sector of soy production before devoting himself exclusively to Siatol, with the objective of developing new opportunities for small producers and strengthening the national...

New agribusiness investment in Madagascar
Entrepreneurs | 10/07/2015
 Investisseurs & Partenaires welcomes a new company in its portfolio IPAE: the agribusiness company SCRIMAD, located in Madagascar. Visit their WebsiteThis is the third investment of the Fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs in Madagascar, after IOT (aquaculture) et ACEP Madagascar (...

IMF explores Africa's Demographic Dividend
Intelligence & Analysis | 08/07/2015
  In the latest edition of the Regional Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund considers how Sub-Saharan Africa can harness the demographic dividend* in the 20 years to come. As infant mortality and fertility rates decline, the continent will indeed become the main...

Secteur Privé et Développement Proparco Investisseurs et Partenaires
Investisseurs & Partenaires shares experience on CSR issues in Africa
In The Press | 06/07/2015
    PROPARCO just released its 21st quartely publication "Private Sector and Development". This issue focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Africa. As stated by Anne Pogham (CEO of the French Development Agency) in the introduction: "CSR represents a twofold...

3rd ESG & Impact Reporting of the Fund IPAE is released
News | 03/07/2015
  For the third consecutive year, Investisseurs & Partenaires publishes its annual Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Impact reporting, conceived as a comprehensive review of its fund IPAE societal strategy. The document presents the methodology in terms of ESG policy...

FERDI Financer Développement Severino
J.-M. Severino et P. Baraton contribute to the book "Financing Sustainable Development"
Intelligence & Analysis | 02/07/2015
The Ferdi (Foundation for International Development Research and Study) gathered the contributions of more than 40 authors, selected from amongst the leading international experts from the North and the South, in the newly released book "Financing Sustainable Development - Addressing...