AgroServ Industrie

Sector of activity: Agro-Industry
Status: En cours d'investissement
Associed fund: Sinergi Burkina
Entrepreneur: Siaka SANON
Employees: 57
Country: Burkina Faso
A propos:


AGROSERV INDUSTRIE is an industrial unit processing maize into gritz and flour. Based in the industrial zone of Kossodo (Ouagadougou), the unit is equipped with two automatic production lines with a production capacity of 50 tons per day each.

The expertise developed by the promoter since the creation of the company in2013 has allowed to him to conquer a significant portion of the national market.

In order to optimize the supply chain, AGROSERV INDUSTRIE decided to organize and support a network of small producers.



M. SANON Siaka holds a degree in IT Management. After graduating, he integrated the family business called EKSF (Establishment SANON Karidia et Fils), specialized in the collect and marking of cereals on local and international markets. He managed the company for ten years before starting his own business. This first experience with EKSF enabled him to get a full understanding of the maize supply chain.




AgroServ Industrie is the second investment of Sinergi Burkina, an impact fund sponsored by I&P and dedicated to small companies in Burkina Faso. The objectives of the partnership notably include:

• Support to improve governance

• Support the company in getting HACCP certification

• Launch of new products including enriched flour and cornmeal for households

• Improvement of the working conditions of the workers



• Structuring a network of small maize producers

• Import substitution and sale of essential goods at affordable price

• Wages well above the legal minimum in Burkina Faso


In portfolio since: 2017


Sector of activity: Agriculture
Status: En cours d'investissement
Associed fund: Sinergi Burkina
Entrepreneur: Marcel Ouédraogo
Country: Burkina Faso
A propos:

Siatol is a young soybean processing company founded in 2010 by Marcel Ouédraogo.

Siatol processes soybeans into two high-value products: soya cake, sold to poultry producers, and soya oil, for household consumption. Siatol soya oil is known for its gustatory and nutritional qualities (the oil is made without GMO and is free of cholesterol). Siatol is the only company in Burkina to locally produce soya oil. 

Siatol currently works with more than 3,000 smallholders and strengthens the support program set up by APME2A by providing seeds and small equipment to producers, by allowing technical follow-up and setting up evaluation meetings.


The entrepreneur

Marcel Ouédraogo worked ten years in the sector of soy production before devoting himself exclusively to Siatol, with the objective of developing new opportunities for small producers and strengthening the national production of soya oil.

Graduated from the Université Polytechnique of Bobo Dioulasso, Marcel Ouédraogo is an agro-economic engineer, specialized on rural development issues. In December 2004, he joins the CIDR (International Center of Development and Research), a French association implementing development programs in several Sub-Saharan countries. Marcel Ouédraogo notably works on the ESOP program, focused on the Burkinabe soy production sector. In 2008, the CIDR partners with the NGO APME2A, founded in 2004 and dedicated to agricultural SMEs in Burkina.

Alongside his work within the NGO, Marcel Ouédraogo developed an economical model that would be better suited for small producers, while competition in the soya sector becomes stronger in Burkina: “the very small enterprises promoted by the programme could not produce soybean oil, considering the technical constraints and the quality requirements to be satisfied. Our objective with Siatol is to remove entry barriers and ensure outlets to small producers”


Partnership with Sinergi Burkina

Siatol is the first investment of Sinergi Burkina, an investment fund dedicated to small enterprises and start-ups in Burkina Faso. Several objectives have been set:

• Improve the structure of the company

• Reinforce the production chain

• Improve the productivity of the producers


Expected Impacts

• In the medium term, Siatol could work with about 10,000 local producers



In portfolio since: 2015