Country: Ivory Coast
Sector of activity: Agro-Industry
Status: Investment phase
Associed fund: Comoé Capital
Entrepreneur: Aramatou COULIBALY
Employees: 25
In portfolio since: 2018

RAMA CEREAL is an agro-industrial company created in 2005. Its main activity is the processing of cereals such as millet, maize and rice. It is present on the local (Prosuma, Carrefour, Citydia, etc.) and international markets through various products and spices: millet granules, corn, rice, pre-cooked millet, attiéké (manioc semolina), ginger, gnangan, soumara, baobab. The company started its activities in the informal sector before becoming a sole proprietorship in 2005 and then a limited liability company in 2016.



Aramatou Coulibaly holds a BTS in International Trade and a Bachelor's degree in English. She has worked as a consultant and sales assistant in companies such as Mobil Oil and Kompass-ci, and then as an interim employee at Orange. Noting the need for millet products, she decided to set up her own agro-industrial company in 2005. In 2012, she obtained support within the framework of the Trade and Regional Integration Support Programme (PACIR) financed by the European Union.



• Strengthening governance and setting up a strategic committee

• Support for commercial development and the launch of infant flour

• Development of the new site, which must comply with all relevant health standards

• Acquisition of equipment to increase to 2 tons/day (vs. 400 kg today)

• Financing the purchase of raw materials to cover needs over 3 months

• Acquisition of rolling stock for distribution



• Impact on small producers through supervision and an increase in their productivity, and therefore their income

• Impact on nutrition with the launch of infant flour