Building on its 15-year experience in financing and supporting African entrepreneurs, I&P launches a consulting activity with a dedicated team, I&P Conseil. With this project, I&P aims to contribute to improving the business environment and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa

A laboratory dedicated to the African entrepreneurial ecosystem


I&P Conseil acts as a development laboratory dedicated to African Small and Medium Businesses and entrepreneurial ecosystem, working in collaboration with public and private stakeholder.


I&P Conseil aims to:

→ Offer a wide range of services dedicated to African entrepreneurship and business creation including studies, training and project management

→ Bring its support to the community of entrepreneurs but also to governments, institutional actors, development agencies and investors

→ Improve entrepreneurial ecosystem and

→ While pursuing I&P’s mission: promote responsible and innovative SMEs with strong impacts on their local ecosystems

What We Do

I&P Conseil offers a wide range of services on the following topics:


→ Value Chain studies, analysis of industrial sectors;

→ Public policy formulation, SME development support program;

→ Analysis  of entrepreneurial ecosystems, Incubator feasibility study, Entrepreneurship Support Center;

→ Strategic analysis and design of innovative business models adapted to the context of African economies;

→ Formulation and project management on behalf of donors.


IECD – Coaching and training program for entrepreneurs
• External evaluation of the program "Socio-economic development through the strengthening of Congolese Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)".
• Analysis of the entrepreneuship ecosystem in Congo and recommendations regarding the autonomisation of entrepreneurs training centres.
Africa Global Recycling - Coaching / Market study - In progress
• Mapping of waste actors in Côte d’Ivoire.
• Elaboration of a business plan for a waste recycling facility.
• Support AGR in its development and fundraising strategy.
PROPARCO - with CERISE and ATHOME - June/September 2018
Definition of the specifications of a tool to measure results and impacts.
• Assist PROPARCO's team in defining its expectations for the IT tool.
• Drafting the specifications including the measurement of impact results for financial intermediaries, as well as the expected functionalities of management tools & impact data analysis.
YouScribe - Mapping / Market study - May/November 2018
• Mapping of education actors in Côte d'Ivoire and Benin.
• Partner selection and synthesis report.
• Recommendations for the development strategy of Youscribe offer in Côte D'Ivoire and Benin.
ADEME - 2017/2018
• Watch on Climate and green finance and climate projects and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Analysis of opportunities for French organizations and companies.
•Analysis of the business model emerging in these markets. Strategy of promotion and funding of new business projects..
BIO Invest - September/Décember 2017
• Panorama of programs, facilitation tools and public support polcies dedicated to the private sector
• Analysis of the business climate and the main challenges of private sector development
• Recommendations for an intervention program of Belgian and Senegalese cooperation on the private sector
Investment Promotion Competitiveness Project (PPIC) – World Bank – 2017:
• Study of industrial subcontracting in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Gabon
• Mapping of local small and medium industries and their integration in the value chains of international groups, study of Gabon’s legal context on industrial subcontracting


AgDevCo-SDU- November 2016 / February 2017:
• Analysis of the agro-industrial context in Senegal
• Development of a portfolio of agricultural and agro-industrial projects that enhance the productivity of small-scale farmers in Senegal

→ Impact Investing training in partnership with FERDI;

→ Organization of training courses on business creation and financing in Africa, animation of Masterclass and Webinar for African start-ups;

→ Investment readiness training for incubators and entrepreneurs;

→ Design and organization of training sessions on impact management.


Support mission for training and the implementation of a CSR approach and impact - November 2018




Expertise France - MEET AFRICA 2018 – September 2018 Masterclass "Fundraising by companies in Africa" and on "Challenges of industrialization in Africa".




Bond‘Innov (North-South incubator in Bondy) - May 2018 : Animation of a Masterclass - (4 hours) training session on fundraising for start-ups which are targeting project creation in Africa.




SUPAGRO Montpellier – 2011 to 2018
• Training on "Business plan and financing issues in Africa" for students with agri-food projects in Africa.
• Member of the « business plan » jury.



Industrial Restructuring and Upgrading Program – Central Africa – December 2016-February 2017:

Organization of training sessions on entrepreneurship and business creation in 7 countries of Central Africa


High-level training on impact investment – France – October 2017

In partnership with the Foundation for International Development Study and Research (Ferdi)

→ Conference design, public-private dialogue workshops;

→ Design and organisation of training sessions on impact management, CSR;

→ Support for the animation of sectoral fora or cross-cutting themes for SMEs;

→ Entrepreneurship promotion workshop, coaching program.



POLLUTEC Maroc/ADEME – 2016; 2017; 2018:
Organization & animation of a round table on the circular economy in Africa, the business and financial model of certain initiatives with IPEMED, AGR, l’ANDE de Côte d’Ivoire at the POLLUTEC MAROC Exhibition in Casablanca.

Organisation and animation of the emerging countries space in Lyon.


Mondial du Bâtiment - November 2017

Organization of African delegations (Cameroon, Senegal, Gabon) on the “Mondial du Bâtiment” (Infrastructure & Building forum). Animation of conferences on the social housing, the green cities, the subcontracting in the BTP in Africa. Invitation of TRIANON BTP Gabon on the Francophonie space.


Reed Exposition France - October 2016:

Roundtable on environmental initiatives of private companies in Africa and investment models during the POLLUTEC MAROC exhibit in Casablanca

Reed Exposition France - December 2016:

Managing the space dedicated to Africa during POLLUTEC exhibit in Lyon


The Team

Cécile Carlier, Executive Director

With an experience of nearly 20 years in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Cécile is in full knowledge of economic development issues in African countries. She conducted a program of industrial cooperation between France and Africa for 12 years in the UNIDO Investment and Technology Promotion Office in France, working for SME’s development and bringing support to investors and entrepreneurs in many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

From 2012 to 2016, she worked as an independent consultant for different organizations such as UNIDO, ADEME, COLEACP to set up SME development initiatives in Africa. She also offered her expertise to private companies, willing to invest in Africa such as AFRIPAR, an investment funds dedicated to SMEs.


Since 2016 she manages I&P Conseil, aimed to reinforce business development facilities in Africa.

Her core competencies are linked to private sector and finance development, youth entrepreneurship training and incubation facilities with a large experience in agro businesses and green businesses development.


With the support of:


ESG & Impact Expert

Jean-Michel SEVERINO,

I&P Conseil Strategic Committee

I&P Conseil Strategic Committee

Technical Assistance and Finance Expert