Date: 07/11/2019
Theme: Vie d'I&P


I&P's quarterly newsletter is online!

As usual, the newsletter covers the main news of the last few months: the deployment of the program Afrique Créative, the new members of the team, the latest news from the companies in the portfolio (with an exclusive interview with the co-founders of CoinAfrique). It is also an opportunity to present our latest report, "Formalizing SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa", with an editorial signed by the newly elected President of the African Club of Entrepreneurs, Mamadou Sanankoua.


In this newsletter:

Publication of I&P's report "Formalizing SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Interview of the co-founders of Coin Afrique, Matthias Papet and Eric Genêtre

Latest news of the program Afrique Créative


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Editorial: Mamadou Sanankoua, President of the African Club of Entrepreneurs

While I&P is publishing a report on the formalization of African SMEs, Mamadou Sanankoua, newly elected President of the African Club of Entrepreneurs, reviews the content of the report and the advocacy role of the Club as a promoter of entrepreneurship in Africa


Formalizing one's enterprise: a challenge for entrepreneurs and his/her team

The report published by I&P provides a pragmatic analysis of the advantages and constraints of formalization. Formalizing an African SME is indeed not an easy task. This requires both the full willingness of the entrepreneur and the commitment of his/her employees.

These entrepreneurs and employees are at the heart of the report, providing key testimonies that any organization working directly or indirectly with African SMEs should take into account!

The messages addressed to African governments are essential. Too often, the formalization process is not completed for fear of the complexities that can arise (tax predation, corruption, etc.). It's time for a change!


A strong advocacy tool for the African Club of Entrepreneurs

Founded in 2016, the African Club of Entrepreneurs brings together about a hundred entrepreneurs accompanied by I&P, operating in various sectors and countries.

The Club is a pan-African association dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and is therefore strongly involved in advocacy actions with entrepreneurial ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa (governments, entrepreneurs, incubators, banks, etc.). The publication and dissemination of reports such as I&P' s report on formalization is essential to improve these ecosystems and open up new opportunities for African entrepreneurs!


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