Investisseurs & Partenaires is a private equity investor exclusively dedicated to small and medium-sized companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to foster champions of African entrepreneurship and demonstrate the strong potential of impact investing to address development challenges in Africa.

An investor and partner of the company

I&P is an active partner bringing its skills in management, strategy and finance with an entrepreneurial approach. Our model hinges entirely upon the entrepreneur, with whom we wish to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and sincerity.

Our investment process is three-fold, as symbolized by the Partnership Wheel :

1. Financing : through an equity investment as minority shareholder (or through participative loans)

2. Strategic and Managerial Mentoring :

  • Before the investment: thorough analysis of the company and the strategy to be implemented
  • During the investment period: active involvement in helping the implementation of this strategy and putting in place management tools developed in partnership with the entrepreneur

3. Technical Assistance 

Capacity building and training in a variety of fields based on the investee business specific needs: management information system, industrial/technological, sales/marketing, organization/HR, training/governance, etc.  

Our investment and Exit process

Contributing to the emergence of a new generation of African sustainable and responsible entrepreneurs and enterprises, following the best ESG practices, is at the heart of our mission.

The investment process involves 5 key stages. Our approach is based on a rigorous methodology, which takes into account ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) risks and opportunities throughout the investment cycle.

→ Preliminary assessment and rating of the main ESG-related risks and opportunities

→ Assess whether the investment proposition is in line with I&P policies and guidelines

→ In-depth analysis of the project and the entrepreneurs, based on field visits

→ In-depth analysis of ESG-related matters

→ On a case-by-case basis, external experts provide technical, financial, or social evaluations

→ Develop an action plan for ESG improvements, with actions required, timeframe, proposed responsibilities and costs involved

→ Contribute to define strategic directions during the board meetings

→ Provide ongoing support for timely implementation the strategy and the ESG action plan

→ Check the reputation and track-record of potential purchasers, in cooperation with the entrepreneurs

Our investment criteria

I&P's partner companies meet the following criteria:

Small to medium size companies, including start-ups

With financing needs inferior to €300,000 (IPDEV) or comprised between €300,000 and €3 million (IPAE)

Operating in Sub-Saharan Africa (with a focus on West Africa, Indian Ocean, and Central Africa)

Managed by local teams and entrepreneurs

Within the formal economy

Working in various sectors of activity (health, agriculture, agribusiness, construction, distribution, services, microfinance, etc.)

With a clear potential in terms of value creation and local impact.