Country: Niger
Sector of activity: Digital, Tech
Status: Seed funding
Associed fund: I&P Accélération au Sahel
Entrepreneur: Sidikou BOUBACAR
In portfolio since: 2023

I-Futur is a Niger-based start-up specialized in the development of web and mobile applications. In addition, it has developed its own solutions/applications, notably the IPAY solution (payment aggregator), which has various applications, such as online payment of the A-levels or payment of school fees.

The entrepreneur

I-Futur was created in 2017 by Mr Sidikou BOUBACAR, an IT and telecom engineer with several experiences in major groups such as Orange Niger.

Partnership with I&P and Sinergi

I-Futur is supported by I&P and Sinergi through I&P Acceleration in  Sahel, whose objectives are :

  • deploy Terra Finance, a rural payment and financial inclusion solution
  • disseminate its solutions to players (microfinance, groups)
  • implement a targeted sales strategy
  • strengthen the accounting and management departments