Since 2002, I&P has supported more than 120 small and medium-sized companies in sub-Saharan Africa, operating in about fifteen different countries and in a wide variety of sectors (agriculture, microfinance, education, health, transport, etc.)

Investee companies’ profile

I&P’s partner companies share the following characteristics:

Small to medium size companies, including start-ups

With financing needs inferior to €300,000 (IPDEV) or comprised between €300,000 and €3 million (IPAE)

Operating in Sub-Saharan Africa (with a focus on West Africa, Indian Ocean, and Central Africa)

Managed by local teams and entrepreneurs

Within the formal economy

Working in various sectors of activity (health, agriculture, agribusiness, construction, distribution, services, microfinance, etc.)

With a clear potential in terms of value creation and local impact.


Our Portfolio

I&P manages and advises several funds and programs entirely dedicated to small and medium-sized African companies (SMEs), which are distinguished in particular by the size of the targeted companies. I&P has gradually extended its scope of intervention and now offers a continuum of investment ranging from several thousand euros (the companies supported by I&P Acceleration programs and I&P Development) to 3 million euros (the companies financed by I&P Expansion).

As of today, I&P's portfolio include more than 100 capital-funded companies and 20 companies benefiting from subsidized acceleration programs:



Senegal | Service


Ivory Coast | Service


Ivory Coast | Agro-Industry


Ivory Coast | Service


Senegal | Education & Training

Institut Académique des Bébés (IAB)

Senegal | Education & Training

Fulbe et Khem

Mali | Cosmétique


Ivory Coast | Service

Editions Afrique Lecture

Niger | Education & Training


Pan-African | Digital, Tech


Ivory Coast | Agro-Industry

Citrine Corporation

Ivory Coast | Agro-Industry