I&P has developed an innovative strategy to best meet the financing and support needs of small and medium-sized African companies, based on three complementary business models.

Our approach

Investisseurs & Partenaires is an investor exclusively dedicated to African SMEs. Our mission is to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the African continent by financing and advising entrepreneurs, project leaders, and SMEs seeking economic, social and environmental growth and success.

In Africa, these SMEs are the real missing middle of African economies. These enterprises face two key obstacles: lack of access to long-term financing and to skills and human resources.

Investisseurs & Partenaires brings its finance and management skills to its active partnership with the entrepreneur. I&P puts the entrepreneur at the heart of its approach and strives to build a long-term relationship of trust with him/her.


1. I&P employs a variety of finance instruments (minority equity or quasi-equity investments, seed financing, loans, etc.) according to the partner company’s size and maturity.

2. I&P performs a thorough analysis of the company prior to investment and provides strategic guidance and mentorship throughout the entire investment period. As a member of the board, I&P is actively involved in charting and implementing the business strategy and putting in place management tools developed along with the entrepreneur.

3. Technical assistance resources are raised from investors and donors and invested in skills development, knowledge transfer and training of entrepreneurs and their teams.

4. I&P values its partner companies in professional organizations, gives them communication and visibility opportunities and allows them to be part of the African Club of Entrepreneurs, a club of business leaders selected for their commitment and professionalism.

Focus: the African Club of Entrepreneurs

The African Club of Entrepreneurs is a pan-African organization that gathers female and male entrepreneurs who are committed to contributing to a sustainable and responsible development process in Africa.

Its mission is to plead the cause of African entrepreneurship and develop business opportunities between and for its members.


Our investment continuum

I&P manages and advises several funds and programs entirely dedicated to small and medium-sized African companies (SMEs), which are distinguished in particular by the size of the targeted companies. I&P has gradually extended its scope of intervention and now offers a continuum of investment ranging from several thousand euros to 3 million euros.

Scaling-up project leaders and young businesses through seed-funding and/or training programs.

Financing small businesses through a network of partner funds in 10 Sub-Saharan African countries.

Directly supporting and financing the development of SMEs and start-ups and strengthening their impact.

About I&P Acceleration

Africa's entrepreneurial landscape is still growing and developing.

Many ideas are emerging, driven by men and women who want to contribute to meeting basic needs and creating local added value. But these projects are often informal, poorly structured and insufficiently mature to access conventional financing.

I&P brings its perspective as an investor and develops acceleration programs, with the support of major donors, so that these projects can find the sources of financing necessary for their development and changing of scale.

I&P's programs are based on a proven methodology, using seed funding, capacity building and individualized mentoring, strategic support and technical assistance missions.


I&P Acceleration in the Sahel, I&P Acceleration Technologies and USAID PACE are carried out by I&P Entrepreneurs and Development, a non-profit organization.

Afrique Créative, SIBC and Pionnières are coordinated by I&P Conseil.

I&P Entrepreneurs et Développement and I&P Conseil aim to encourage and support entrepreneurship in Africa. They target entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of their development as well as those still in the acceleration or incubation phase. The grant programs piloted by these two I&P’s entities are implemented for the benefit of African entrepreneurs in order to support the structuring and scaling up of their activities.

About I&P Development

In order to scale up African private equity and support a growing number of private initiatives, I&P has designed a major program to build investment capacity in Africa.

I&P Development aims to create, develop and sponsor 10 impact funds in 10 countries in 10 years, thus financing nearly 300 companies and contributing to the creation of 15,000 jobs in sub-Saharan Africa.

These 10 impact funds, led by African investment professionals and mostly capitalized by African investors, are able to finance local businesses between 50,000 and 500,000 euros.


IPDEV 2 partners with new investment teams and provides them with the capital and technical support needed to successfully launch and manage an impact fund dedicated to start-ups and small businesses.

As of today 5 funds are already operational, and 2 are in their launching phase:

Comoé Capital
Country Côte d'Ivoire
Launch 2018

Country Madagascar
Launch 2018

Sinergi Burkina
Country Burkina Faso
Launch 2014

Sinergi Niger
Country Niger
Launch 2006

Teranga Capital
Country Senegal
Launch 2016

Inua Capital
Country Uganda
Launch 2021 (launching phase)

Zira Capital
Country Mali
Launch 2021 (launching phase)
About I&P Expansion

Perceived as a land of opportunity, the African continent is increasingly attracting private investors. Nevertheless, these investors are focusing on the continent's major transactions in the most dynamic markets, South Africa and East Africa.

From the outset, I&P's mission has been to "go where others don't go", to finance start-ups, to intervene in the Fragile and Least Developed Countries of the African continent and to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises or the "missing link" of African economies.

To do this, I&P designs generalist or thematic SME impact funds, financed by public and private investors committed to and motivated by the impact of these SMEs on their local stakeholders.

I&P Conseil

Created in 2017, I&P Conseil is an entity of the group Investisseurs & Partenaires that fosters the emergence of entrepreneurship in Africa and helps local ecosystems to build better partnerships with investment funds.

We draw on I&P's experience in impact investing to design the training programs of I&P Acceleration, targeted not only at entrepreneurs but also the at public and private intermediaries that are essential to their development.

We also offer research and consulting services that integrate I&P's expertise in financing, formalizing, and measuring the impact of African SMEs.