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Our quarterly newsletter reviews the latest news from I&P (portfolio, team, etc.) and offers original content (interviews with entrepreneurs, editorials, analysis, etc.).

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Edito : Sébastien Boyé & Jérémy Hajdenberg | Focus : IPAE 2 welcomes 5 new companies to its portfolio and closes its investment period | Publication : Discover ou annual impact report
May 2023
Focus : Inua Capital and Zira Capital make their first equity investments | Portrait : Meet Folly Koussawo from Trianon Homes in Gabon
EDITO • Sébastien Boyé & Jérémy Hajdenberg | FOCUS • Mastercard Foundation Africa Growth Fund | PORTRAIT • Babacar Birame & Adia Gnacko - Concree
April 2023
In exclusivity: A joint interview with Maïmouna Baillet and Kim Kamarebe, respectively Director of Sinergi and Inua Capital | Portraits: Ando Randriamalalaharison and Samy Chalier from HERi Madagascar | Focus on educational issues

July 2023
FOCUS : 9th edition of the Entrepreneurs Seminar | OP-ED : What to take away from the Summit for a New Global Financial Pact (and its implications for African SMEs) | PORTRAIT  : Douglas Baguma, Innovex CEO, in Ouganda

October 2023
Focus : Find out our last report : "Using Catalytic Capital to Foster African Entrepreneurs in Underserved Markets”. |  Testimonies : Supporting entrepreneurship, a powerful response to the Sahelian crisis


EDITO • Jean-Michel Severino, Jérémy Hajdenberg & Sébastien Boyé | FOCUS • I&P Shares its experience with exits | PORTRAIT • Narcisse Zolla, Founder and Director of Bhélix and Normat (Benin)
EDITO • Carole Ramella, GFA Counsulting Limited | FOCUS • Review of the latest IPAE 2 fund investments | PORTRAIT • Malick Sy, former Director of CAMED (Mali)
EDITO • Evelyne Dioh Simpa, Managing Director of WIC Capital | FOCUS • I&P and AFD launch the I&P Digital Energy program | PORTRAIT • Siaka Sanon, Managing Director of Agroserv Industrie
Edito • Mamadou Lamine Loum : Meeting the challenges of development | FOCUS • Manifesto for the financing and support of entrepreneurship in Africa | PORTRAIT • Elliot Agyare, CEO of Smartline Publishers - Ghana
EDITO • Jean-Michel Severino, CEO of Investisseurs & Partenaires | FOCUS • Mastercard Foundation partners with I&P Education to Employment | PORTRAIT • Bagoré Bathily, La Laiterie du Berger
EDITO • Stéphanie Cohn Rupp, CEO Veris Wealth Partners  | FOCUS • Closing of the 4th edition of SIBC | PORTRAIT • Ranto Andriambololona, HaiRun Technology and SmartPredict
EDITO • Koen Doens,  Director-General INTPA, European Commission | FOCUS • IPAE 2 makes four new investments | PORTRAIT • Angéline Traoré/Yougbarè, Maison Fenel, Burkina Faso
Edito • Mariam Djibo, Director of Advans Côte d'Ivoire | FOCUS • I&P brings together 10 incubators for a first regional training workshop | PORTRAIT • Wisdom Amegbletor, Founder and Director of New Crystal in Ghana
EDITO • Jean-Michel Severino, CEO of Investisseurs & Partenaires | FOCUS • Closing du fonds IPAE 2 | PORTRAIT • Fréderic Wybo, Ultramaille
EDITO • Jean-Michel Severino: I&P's response to the Covid-19 crisis | FOCUS • Publication of the book Bâtisseurs d'Afrique | PORTRAIT • Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo, Nutri'zaza : la réponse d'I&P à la crise du Covid-19
EDITO • Nathalie Akon Gabala, Masterard Foundation | FOCUS • Launch of the program I&P Acceleration in Sahel | PORTRAIT • Bachir Rockya Lahilaba, Founder and Director of Sahel Délices
EDITO • Samir Abdelkrim, Entrepreneur and author, founder of StartupBRICS, EMERGING Valley & EMERGING Mediterranean | FOCUS • I&P opens new office in Kenya, stepping up its activity in East Africa | PORTRAIT • Rebecca Harrison, Co-founder and Director of the African Management Insitute (AMI)
Edito of J.M. Severino, CEO of I&P | Focus: Partnership with the Government of Monaco to launch the first impact fund dedicated to education in Africa | Portrait Myriam Kadio-Morokro Brou, founder and director of the clinic PROCREA


Edito of Christian Martin, CEO of Ébalé | Focus: I&P Conseil | Portrait Aramatou Coulibaly, CEO of RAMA CEREAL


Edito of Nicholas Burnett | Focus: I&P Education to Employment | Portrait Fahilery Ramakavelo


Edito of Mamadou Sanankoua, President of the African Club of Entrepreneurs | Focus: Afrique Créative | Portrait Eric Genêtre and Matthias Papet, co-founder of CoinAfrique


Edito of J.M. Severino, President of I&P | Focus: launch of I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 2 (IPAE 2) | Portrait of Patrice Hoppenot, founder of I&P


Edito of Bénédicte Schutz (Coopération Monégasque) | Focus on the launch of Miarakap in Madagascar | Portrait of Sylvie Sagbo, Director of SENAR Les Délices de Lysa


Edito of Joël Cadier, Chairperson of Comoé Capital| Focus on the launch of Comoé Capital in Côte d'Ivoire | Portrait of Fidèle Diomandé, founder of VALLESSE Editions


Edito of Stefan Nalletamby, African Development Bank | Focus on IPDEV 2's second closing | Portrait of Anne Merieme and Julien Guige, directors of Afribon


Edito of J-M Severino | Focus: 15 years of I&P | Portrait: Adedognin Abimobila, NoMad (Bénin)
Edito of Max de Font-Réaulx | Focus on the IPDEV 2 fund's new investments | Portrait of OuiCarry's three entrepreneurs, Olabissi Adjovi, Youssou Ndiaye and Pape Oumar Yam (Sénégal)
Edito of Patrick Guillaumont, President of the Ferdi | Focus on the launch of I&P Conseil | Portrait of Mamadou Sanankoua, Director of the group Conergies (Côte d'Ivoire and Mali)
Edito of Pierre Daubert on 15 years of I&P | Focus on the lessons of experience from I&P's first fund | Portrait of Boureïma Lam, founder of the Société Malienne de Blanchisserie
Edito of J-M Severino | Portrait of Gatien Adjagboni, director of Tincy Boulangerie (Bénin)
Edito of Mamadou Lamine Loum | Focus on the inauguration of the first IPDEV 2's sponsored funds: Sinergi Burkina and Teranga Capital | Portrait of Catherine Krobo-Edusei, Eden Tree (Ghana)
Edito of Manu Dibango | Focus on the three new panafrican investments of I&P | Portrait of Jules Kébé and Sokhna Diagné from Duopharm (Sénégal)
Edito of Rob Schneider, USAID | Focus on I&P's study 'Investing in Africa's development" | Portrait of Jaco Chan Kit Waye, Director of IOT (Madagascar)
Edito of Jean-Michel Severino, President d'I&P | Portrait of Khadidiatou Nakoulima, founder and director of NEST (Senegal)
Edito of Antoine Delaporte, Director of Adenia Partners | Focus on the IPAE fund's 3rd anniversary | Portrait of Folly Koussawo and Seydou Béyé, Trianon (Gabon)
Edito of Olivier Furdelle and Omar Cissé, founders of Teranga Capital | Focus on the newly published guide 'Investing in African Small and Medium Entreprises" | Portrait of Marcel Ouédraogo, Siatol (Burkina)
Edito of Paul Derreumaux, founder of the group Bank of Africa | Focus on the launch of the African Club of Entrepreneurs | Portrait of Bakary Coulibaly, ENVAL Laboratoire (Côte d'Ivoire)
Edito of J-M Severino | Focus on the 360° impact study on the microfinance institution ACEP Cameroon | Portrait of Anne Nakawunde, director of Uganda Finance Trust
Edito of Joan Bardeletti on the project "Les Grands Moyens" | Focus on the partnership with the crowdfunding platform Kiva | Portrait of Sidi Khalifou, Director of CDS (Mauritania)
Edito of Ann-Katrin Dolium  | Focus on I&P's ESG & Impact policy |  Portrait of Elizabeth Kacou, Chairperson of Pharmivoire Nouvelle, and Laure Djoukam, Director of CDM
Edito of Nicholas Colloff (Argidius) and Randall Kempner (ANDE) | Focus: IPDEV 2 receives a 1 million euros grant from the ANDE-Argidius Finance Challenge | Portrait of Djibo Ibrahima, Director of Sinergi Burkina
N° 1 - March 2013
Edito of Jean-Michel Severino | Portrait of JP Imélé, Biotropical (Cameroun)
Edito of JM Severino | Focus on the IPAE fund's first anniversary
Edito of Eric Orsenna | Launch of the project I&P Développement 2 (IPDEV 2) | Portrait of Bagoré Bathily, founder of La Laiterie du Berger au Senegal.



Our annual impact reports

Historically, I&P has measured its impact and achievements in individual reports at the level of our various investment vehicles. I&P publishes also since 2020 an annual report to capture an aggregate picture of the collective results of our mission across the entire organization and team.

Discover our latest Annual Impact Report


Our in-depth impact studies

I&P regularly conducts in-depth impact studies on its portfolio's company. These studies give a great insight on the impacts of our partners on their stakeholders (employees, clients, contractors, local communities) and their environment.


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