Country: Niger
Sector of activity: Equipment & Maintenance
Status: Exit
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Adamou Assane
Employees: 50
In portfolio since: 2004 (sortie en 2012)

LEGENI est le premier laboratoire privé d’études géotechniques et environnementales au Niger.

LEGENI is the first private laboratory for geothermic and environmental studies in Niger. These studies (materials and sands tests, environmental impacts studies) are essential for the professionalization of the country construction field. Until 2006, Niger had only one public  under-equipped laboratory.  Since its creation in 2004, LEGENI took a leading position thanks to the quality of its equipments and services. The company grew quickly mainly due to mineral investments in the north of the country. 




After having worked for long time as responsible for the maintenance in Areva mineral subsidiaries in the north of the country, Amadou ASSANE joined the Agency for execution of World Bank works in Niger. He ceased such opportunity by creating LEGENI in 2004.

As a proof of the project’s success, I&P has resold its shares of Legeni to Amadou Assane, in conformity with its vocation (Exit and Investment process). 



I&P Partnership

I&P is committed alongside Legeni:

• As the company founding stockholder after having accompanied the entrepreneur in the redaction of its initial business plan

• To provide to LEGENI a technical assistance for the company starting through a training mission for a person having a long experience about the job

• To finance at several times complementary investments in order to enlarge gradually the ranged of services proposed to its customers.



• Amount of created jobs: 50

• Contribution to the professionalization of the Niger construction sector thank to analysis made before and after works enabling to make sure about the constructions and works quality.


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