Country: Niger
Sector of activity: Equipment & Maintenance
Status: Capital investment
Associed fund: Sinergi Niger
Entrepreneur: Yahaya MOUSSA
Employees: 12
In portfolio since: 2008

Based in Maradi and founded in 1994, UNIFAM specializes in the manufacture of agricultural equipment, equipment and school furniture.


Sinergi Niger made its first investment in 2008 (exit in 2014) and decided in 2016 to reinvest in the company in order to allow it to diversify its activities.



Sinergi committed alongside with Unifam to:

• Support the extension of Unifam’s activities and develop a building materials activity to answer the needs of the Nigerien housing market

• Structure the firm (accounting, formalisation, bank relationships) and achieve stable profitability

• Support to Business development: market research and procuring process

• Support to tenders for agricultural and school equipment from UNICEF, Plan Niger, Spanish cooperation...

• Implementation of management tools (budget preparation and monitoring, cash flow plan)



• Provides opportunities for many service providers and subcontractors in the Maradi region, thus contributing to the structuring of a local supply chain

• Equipping about a hundred classrooms with school furniture throughout the country in 2012, in partnership with the NGO Plan Niger

• Contribution to the 2014-2024 National Program for Investment in School Infrastructure

• Innovation in the design of agricultural equipment, ensuring better productivity

• Contributions of the project to sustainable development objectives (project on access to sustainable housing at affordable conditions, project contributing to the improvement of sustainable agriculture).

• 19 employees in 2017

• 96 agricultural machinery and equipment manufactured in 2017

• 3095 round tubes and 719 square tubes distributed in 2017