Date: 15/05/2014

Why did a graduated engineer chose to take the  path of entrepreneurship ?

After my studies, though I graduated as a Mining Engineer, I was certain not to work in the public administration and I already knew that at the time, only 2 mining companies were recruiting and they were already cutting budgets because uranium prices were at their lowest rate. I had a second-guess of it and I decided to complete my profile with business management trainings before going back to Niger. Which would give me more opportunities on local job market. I was right, and I was hired two months later. During this first job, at the World Bank program to promote SMEs in the building sector, I truly found my passion for SMEs and entrepreneurship.

What does a partnership with IPDEV mean to you ?

Such a partnership means above all sharing skills about investing in SMEs, spreading its craft and specificities. It's also a networking experience between the different countries where IPDEV is investing.

To you, what role do you and SMEs play, in the Nigerien developement ?

My role through SINERGI is essential for we are pioneers in  provinding SMEs with equity long-term financing and monitoring. Niger doesn't have any consequent industry, apart from the mining sector. That is the reason why SMEs are bound to be driving forces for both job and wealth creation.

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