I&P, in collaboration with the government of Monaco, conducted a capitalization study on educational entrepreneurs, entitled "The Edupreneurs of Sub-Saharan Africa", whose conclusions identified fundamental issues for building a quality education sector on the continent.

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From private universities to TVET to online tutoring platforms, the financial support of educational companies requires specific support adapted to the specificities of the sector.



The study highlights committed and audacious edupreneurs who are working to strengthen the education system and ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible. Through the stories of entrepreneurs, students, experts, recruiters and academic partners, the study identified 17 challenges, classified into 5 key areas for building a quality education sector, namely :

Challenge 1 - employability

Challenge 2 - quality

Challenge 3 - accessibility

Challenge 4 - gender equity

Challenge 5 - financial sustainability             


«No less than 10 to 12 million young Africans join the labor market each year, yet only 3 million formal jobs are created each year. This disparity is not a fatality, it can be reversed through funding adapted to the specificities of the education sector. The I&P Education to Employment program offers blended financing tools, catalytic mechanisms and technical assistance, addressing the structuring needs of educational businesses.» 

Koumba ANOUMA - I&P Education to Employment Director             


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Date publication: January 2023