Date: 05/11/2014

Kiva users who funded our pilot crowdfunding project received their first reimbursement last week from CDS via I&P Développement. The loan was dedicated to set up new solar water pumps in replacement for old oil-fueled pumps in the southern village of Wolomboni in Mauritania.

3 months after the solar system was set up, CDS issued a $1.500 reimbursement (10% of the total loan) and was able to provide relevant indicators. Over the summer (July, August and September) the brand-new solar pumps pumped 729 gal. of water and contributed to reduce oil use to 0 (0 gal. used / 0$ spent). CDS’ trimester maintenance report showed that 100% of exploitation costs were issued by network upkeep, local pump manager salary and administrative expenses. The former system generated important expenses on oil purchase, technician travels or fixing expenses.

Water is easily available and service is now reliable and even. I don’t have to spend hours on the electric generator anymore, I don’t need to ride 190 miles to buy fuel nor to keep the pump up every month. This trimester water went uninterrupted and I never had to put the generator on because of a blackout. This system is excellent! We need to spread it over the other sites!”  Local pump manager said last week when interviewed by CDS’ team.

CDS stands as a successful first experience with crowdfunding as a leverage for developement. While initiatives of that kind are multiplying, I&P is thrilled to pursue efforts in looking for innovative and powerful impact-spreading tools with its partnering entrepreneurs. 

 Watch the project video

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