Guardian Eden Tree
Date: 07/12/2016


The Guardian is running a public debate on December 7 on Africa's agri-food sector on the following topic: “Is big business a force for good for African farmers?”.

Catherine Krobo-Edusei, Founder and Director of Eden Tree in Ghana, participates to the panel, gathering someone from the UN, an academic working on development in Africa and the head of a multinational agri-food company.

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The panel

The seminar brings together an expert panel to explore the role of multinationals in Africa’s agri-food sector. Fast-forward 30 years, will Africa be feeding the world with an efficient and productive food and farming sector? Or will it be struggling against challenges including water, climate change, poor investment and missed opportunities?

Eliza ANYANGWE, former editor of the Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network and writer on international development and gender

Na NCUBE, director, Global Native, a charity supporting agriculture and development in Africa

Bill VORLEY, principal researcher, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

John O’KEEFFE, president, Diageo Africa, a global consumer beverage company with breweries and subsidiaries across Africa

Catherine KROBO EDUSEI, managing director, Eden Tree, a fruit, herbs and vegetable business, based in Ghana.


About Eden Tree

For over 15 years, Eden Tree Limited has been the leading independent provider of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in Ghana. The company buys fresh produce, cleans, packs and distributes it to retail, wholesale, and catering clients. Eden Tree currently supplies a variety of over 115 vegetables and fruits from over 375 farming families. 

Catherine Krobo Edusei started Eden Tree in 1997 on her return to Ghana from the UK, where she worked as an administrator in a bank for 7 years. She has since demonstrated a strong passion and track record for growing the enterprise and engaging external funding and capacity-building to support business expansion. She is nationally recognized in Ghana as a strong promoter of women in business and received the 2013 national award from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Ghana for “outstanding contribution towards nation-building”.