Date: 17/07/2018
Theme: Vie d'I&P


Launched in 2012, the fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 1 (IPAE 1) closed its investment phase in 2017 with two investments in Malian companies, bringing to 29 the total number of African SMEs in portfolio. The publication of the sixth ESG & Impact annual reporting is the opportunity to review the main impacts of the fund and of the portfolio companies, while the successor fund IPAE 2 makes its first investments.

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Measuring and maximizing the impacts of a portfolio engaged on social and environmental issues

IPAE 1’s portfolio counts 29 companies, characterized by a great diversity of sectors (Agribusiness, Construction, Microfinance, Education, etc.) and a strong presence in Least Developed Countries and fragile countries.

Each year I&P collects around 100 indicators from portfolio companies to measure their impacts in lights of the fund’s key objectives: fostering African entrepreneurship, creating decent jobs, providing basic goods and services for local populations and promoting sustainable growth. I&P also gives increasing visibility to gender issues, with the overall objective of fostering female entrepreneurship and promoting gender parity at all levels of the company. (Read more)

I&P’s ESG & Impact team also analyses annually companies’ progress on key social and environmental issues, including health insurance policy, employee working conditions and carbon footprint reduction.



  • About 80% of our partner companies are led by Africans
  • 1 company out of 5 is managed by an African woman
  • More than 4,500 jobs have been created or maintained since 2012 and over 30,000 persons are impacted in the household (average household of 6,5 people according to Global Data Lab)
  • We observe 41% direct employment growth on average since IPAE’s investment
  • 93% of our companies provide health assurance, and 50% of them have implemented or upgraded their system since IPAE’s investment


An impact fund dedicated to African SMEs and recently certified B Corp™

2017 was marked by a major event for I&P and all the funds under management: the B Corp™ certification, an independent label gathering mission-driven businesses globally that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The annual publication of the ESG and Impact Reporting meets this requirement for transparency and accountability, which is absolutely necessary to ensure the credibility of the emerging impact investing market” says Jean-Michel Severino, CEO of Investisseurs & Partenaires. “Ensuring high ESG performance and creating positive social and environmental impacts are not merely an option for us: they are the surest route to high financial performance and are the core of the principles that drive our overall mandate”.