Date: 08/07/2020
Theme: Vie d'I&P


Inaugurated in 2012, I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 1 (IPAE 1) fund closed its investment period in 2017 with 29 African SMEs in its portfolio. The publication of this annual report, in a period of disinvestment, thus allows us to evaluate the main impacts of the fund and its portfolio companies, at a time when the successor fund I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 2 (IPAE 2) is in its investment period. Launched in December 2017 and made up of seven portfolio companies to date, IPAE 2 aims to invest in equity and quasi-equity minority equity in 30 to 40 start-ups and companies located in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean, operating in diversified sectors.

The two funds aim for a significant financial return and high level social and environmental impacts, particularly in terms of extending the entrepreneurial base, the use of local sub-contracting, job creation, promotion of women's entrepreneurship, environmental protection, setting up in fragile countries, and so on.

The ESG and Impact reports, built in two parts, come back on :
► The impact thesis and I&P methodology
► Impact management in 2019 :
- Portfolio Overview
- Implementing ESG action plans (IPAE1) / Measuring impact based on our investment objectives (IPAE2)
- Measuring impact on local stakeholders (IPAE1) / Strengthening the local economic fabric through indirect impacts (IPAE2)
- Enhancing outreach and impact with advocacy


Download the ESG and Impact Report of IPAE 1

Download the ESG and Impact Report of IPAE 2


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