Date: 27/11/2019


Vatel Madagascar launches its new master's degree in Ecotourism Management


Vatel Madagascar is currently the only hotel school in Madagascar that offers a Master's degree in ecotourism. The Ecotourism Master's degree is structured around 5 poles:

- marketing to train future executives to promote ecotourism destinations,

- human resources to learn how to engage in dialogue with the local population in order to empower stakeholders in sustainable development,

- hotel engineering in order to build environmentally friendly eco-locations,

- the management of national parks in order to promote the protection of Madagascar's biodiversity,

- financial management in order to study the profitability and profitability of the activities, which guarantees the sustainability of any investment ".


Miarakap has made a capital investment in Vatel Madagascar and this investment has been facilitated and complemented by technical assistance grants from the Critical Ecosystem Partenship Fund (CEPF) to strengthen the impact of the training courses offered on biodiversity conservation in Madagascar and more particularly in the regions concerned. Vatel was also able to benefit from the partnership established between the Monaco Cooperation and Miarakap to finance capacity building actions, aimed at improving its social impact.

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