Jean Mermoz KOUAKOU is an analyst at Teranga Capital.

Before joining the team in June 2023, Jean Mermoz worked for 2 years for the Délégation à l'entrepreneuriat Rapide des Femmes et des Jeunes au Sénégal (DER F/J) as a project portfolio manager. He had the opportunity to work within this structure under the supervision of the President of the Republic, on the financing, implementation and follow-up of projects proposed by women and young people in Senegal. Jean Mermoz was previously in charge of monitoring and evaluation at the Société d'import export d'Abidjan. 

He holds a diploma in Project Management from CESAG in Dakar, and is self-trained in leadership and team management through the associations in which he has been active, including the Association des Étudiants Stagiaires et Managers Africains, where he was one of the presidents.