Country: Benin
Sector of activity: Construction
Status: Capital investment
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Yves Modeste Agbo
Employees: 10
In portfolio since: 2009

Carotech Bénin produit des carreaux d’extérieur et d’autres matériaux de construction à partir de ciment et de sable, sans énergie thermique.

CAROTECH Benin produces outside tiles, pavement blocks and other construction cement-based inputs. These are processed without any thermal energy. Carotech’s sector of activity is lifted by a swelling urban expansion in Benin and various state programs to renovate public infrastructures. The products are addressed to a diversified clientele: individuals, public collectivities, private companies…



Yves Modest Agbo is a young Beninese entrepreneur who, once having finished his economics studies in France at Montpellier University has immediately made the choice to create an economic activity in his country, in the industrial sector with a strong local added value. 



I&P committed alongside Carotech Benin to:

• Enable a rapid establishment of the production

• Provide a technical assistance for organization and formalization of the financial and accounting management. 

• Provide support of an expertise in term of commercial organization policy



• Creation of a local industry of construction materials, in substitution of Chinese and European importations.

• Energy saving with cold-process production

• 5 national suppliers