Country: Senegal
Sector of activity: Health
Status: Exit
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Aliou Lam, Makane Seck
Employees: 21
In portfolio since: 2007 (sortie en 2014)

Colaser est une clinique ophtalmologique créée en 2007 située dans le centre de Dakar.

Colaser is an ophthalmologic clinic aiming at responding to the needs of a broad and diverse clientele such as individuals, employees under healthcare programs, retired people, middle-class people, and foreigners. The clinic has followed an unfluctuating growth since its creation. It carries out 10,000 consultations and 1,400 medical procedures every year, among which 110 retinal detachments and as many refractive eye surgery.

Colaser stands as the most important ophthalmologic center in terms of equipment and expertise. It substitutes to medical travels in Europe for numerous diagnostics and cares. Within a few years, Colaser has become a model for West-African ophthalmological clinics, and attracts a steady flow of patients from neighbor countries.



Colaser was created in 2007 when the care supply was highly insufficient. It was initiated by 4 doctors: Pr. Lam, Dr. Seck, Dr. Jouni and Dr. Jaffar. Aliou Lam and Makane Seck are military doctors and surgeons. They formerly worked at the Hopital Principal of Dakar and took the chance, while leaving the army, to settle in Senegal and invest in the private sector.



I&P committed alongside with Colaser :

• To provide a key financial and strategic support at the company’s creation

• To grant the founders a loan that would enable them to purchase high-technology pieces of equipment

• To strengthen the administrative service of the clinic.



• 21 jobs created

• Improvement of the local medical offer

• Successful example of associated doctors