Country: Benin
Sector of activity: Agro-food
Status: Seed funding
Associed fund: I&P Accélération au Sahel
Entrepreneur: Towenan Armel Théodore AHIMAKIN
In portfolio since: 2023

Huilerie Royale TED is specialized in the production and sale of pure, virgin coconut-based table oil in Benin. Coconut oil is cold-extracted from coconuts. The finished product is used in the manufacture of food products, as well as a wide range of everyday products such as soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, paints and pharmaceutical products. 

The entrepreneur

The company was founded in 2017 by Towenan Armel Théodore AHIMAKIN, a Beninese entrepreneur with a degree in agronomy who grew up in a region traditionally producing coconut oil.

Partnership with I&P

Huilerie Royale TED is supported by I&P through the I&P Accélération au Sahel program:

  • Obtaining organic certification, an essential element to develop the European market.
  • Build up a stock of raw materials to support production growth
  • financing various production-related expenses to ensure increased production capacity