Date: 10/10/2016



The FACTS Reports magazine published an article devoted to the company CDS, specialized in water and energy access in Mauritania.

For almost ten years, CDS has been operating water and electricity off-grid networks in remote villages in Mauritania. Chosen by the authorities through several calls for tender, CDS operates and maintains the infrastructure, as well as invoicing and collection from customers. This approach will make it possible to foster rigorous and experienced national operators liable to play a growing role in the professionalization of the sector.

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The political context of Mauritania

For over a decade, the Mauritanian authorities have been committed to an ambitious policy of reform of the water and electricity sectors with a view to combating poverty.


CDS, a private company seeking to give access to energy to all

Sidi Khalifou is a Mauritanian engineer and entrepreneur trained in France. At the end of several entrepreneurial trials, in particular design offices and NGOs, Sidi Khalifou took over CDS, a family business, and developed it, focusing its activity on access for all to water and energy, particularly from renewable sources.


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