PORTRAIT entrepreneur: Narcisse Zolla, founder of Bhelix and Normat in Benin




A civil engineer and entrepreneur at heart, Narcisse Zolla founded the Beninese drilling-mining company Bhélix in 2008 after studies in France and Mauritius. His second firm, Normat, was born in 2017 following the split of the group's activities: Normat took over the drilling-mining activities while Bhélix specialized in the supply of granite gravel.


I&P publishes its second global impact report


Investisseurs & Partenaires publishes the second edition of its annual impact report, a summary of our impact mission and the most significant achievements and progress made in 2021.

In a time period strongly marked by the Covid-19 crisis, I&P's teams have grown stronger, new projects have been launched and support for African entrepreneurs is more necessary and useful than ever.


I&P presents the book " Bâtisseurs d'Afrique " : 11 inspiring portraits of African entrepreneurs


I&P is pleased to announce the publication of the book Bâtisseurs d'Afrique, published by Editions Eyrolles (in French only for now). Its author, Nathalie Madeline, met with 11 entrepreneurs accompanied by I&P, and traces their different journeys. In this uncertain time due to the Covid-19 crisis, I&P is convinced that these testimonies are more relevant than ever.


Entrepreneur's Portrait: Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo


We met with Mieja Vola Rakotonarivo, Managing Director of the Malagasy company Nutri'zaza.

Mieja is featured in the book Bâtisseurs d'Afrique, recently published by Eyrolles, which relates the journeys of eleven determined entrepreneurs accompanied by I&P.





Sector of activity: Construction
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Country: Benin
A propos:


Normat is a Beninese company specializing in drilling-mining services and civil-use explosive distribution (mainly used in mines, quarries, and some construction sites).

Up to now, granite local quarry workers had to internalize drilling-mining activities because there was no specialized company. Normat is now a reference actor and has won several industrial Beninese actors' trust by offering services that respect international security rules concerning explosive shots (ISO9001/2015 law).
The company was created in 2017, following the split of this drilling-mining activity from the Bhélix company, which exploits various granite quarries in Benin and in which I&P invested in 2009.



The entrepreneur

Narcisse Zolla is a public works engineer and a former consultant in some Dutch cooperation. He has a Master's degree in Management from the Université de Bordeaux.
He also leads the company Bhélix.


Discover the interview of the promoteur of Bhélix and Normat (2019)


Partnership with I&P

I&P is commited to Normat:

 In formalizing this new company;

In advising Normat to find the right resources and an efficient organization in operations management.


Main impacts

The emergence of the specialized job of drilling-mining in Benin

ISO9001/2015 norm accreditation



In portfolio since: 2017-2021

15 lessons of experience from I&P’s first impact fund


15 years after its creation, Investisseurs & Partenaires publishes a short document reflecting on the successes, drawbacks and key lessons learned from its first impact fund: Investisseur & Partenaire pour le Développement (IPDEV).



ACEP Niger

Sector of activity: Micro-finance
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Abdou-salami Amadou Cissé
Employees: 37
Country: Niger
A propos:


ACEP Niger is a microfinance institution targetting small and very small businesses in urban areas.

ACEP relays on two agencies and several service points in the two main cities in Niger, Niamey and Maradi.


The operator

ACEP Group is a French microfinance operator founded by Nicolas Rofe and Thierry Perreau.

ACEP institutions, also present in Cameroon, Madagascar and Burkina Faso, share a set of common values and a rigorous methodology.



In portfolio since: 2012