Date: 30/11/2020


The covid-19 has shaken up our habits, our ways of thinking and acting, but also the activities of many men and women entrepreneurs.

To deal with the economic impacts generated by this pandemic, I&P, through the I&P Acceleration in Sahel program, is providing additional funding to the companies most affected by the health crisis.



The activity report "I&P Acceleration in Sahel: What response to the covid-19 crisis? "provides an overview of the difficulties faced by 10 high-potential companies, as well as the innovative solutions they have been able to implement to maintain their activities.



Download our report dedicated to the covid-19 crisis response (French Version)



Deployed over a period of 4 years, the I&P Acceleration in Sahel program is initially aimed at start-ups in Sahel (small businesses and start-ups) by providing the financing and skills needed to accelerate their growth, thus increasing their chances of success in their entrepreneurial adventure. To find out more about the program

To deal with the covid-19 crisis, I&P Acceleration in Sahel aims to support 15 high-potential companies that are facing various difficulties and need to readapt to maintain their activities. This exceptional initiative is in line with the overall objective of the program to create jobs in the subregion, but also to save existing jobs during this period of crisis.



This funding, granted on an exceptional basis by the European Union, a partner in the program, should enable some 15 companies already supported by I&P to strengthen their cash flow, develop new services or strengthen their supply sources.

To date, 10 high-potential companies, initially supported by I&P and its partner funds Comoé Capital, Teranga Capital, Sinergi Burkina and Sinergi Niger, have been able to benefit from this additional funding in response to the covid crisis19 :

The resilience of the entrepreneurs combined with these additional financial resources have made it possible to set up new services - digitalization of goods and services, purchase of equipment and raw materials, adaptation of the distribution method, strengthening of human resources, etc. - and thus continue to ensure access to the most essential goods and services for local populations.

To find out the story of each company during this crisis, consult our I&P Acceleration in Sahel activity report: What response to the covid-19 crisis ?