Sector of activity: Textile
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Mor Lamotte
Country: Senegal
A propos:

Subito International is a young Senegalese company specialized in private transportation (car rental, airport shuttles). Today, the company's client portfolio includes individuals and companies (Air France, French Embassy, etc.), as well as hosting sites (Booking), etc.

The entrepreneur

Subito was created in 2018 by Mor Lamotte, a Senegalese entrepreneur with a Master's degree in Port Management and Logistics.

Partnership with Teranga Capital and I&P

Subito is supported by Teranga Capital and I&P through I&P Acceleration in Sahel with the following objectives

  • refine its positioning in the B2B and B2C segments by offering a wider range of services that effectively meet the needs of each customer segment while maintaining high quality standards 
  • strengthen and improve the quality of the vehicle fleet 
  • structure the company's activities in business development, accounting, finance, labor, tax and regulations 
  • better manage operations by improving the reservation management system, implementing an operational monitoring system (monitoring of drivers, vehicles, flow, etc.) and investing in the training and professionalization of drivers
In portfolio since: 2022


Sector of activity: Culture
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Inoussa MAIGA et Nawsheen Bibi HOSENALLY
Country: Burkina Faso
A propos:

 Massaka is a media and communication consulting company in Burkina Faso offering communication to national and international institutions, NGOs and associations. It also offers a service of media coverage and advertorial, online training via its web platform named “Agribusiness TV” whose vocation is to promote agricultural innovations and youth entrepreneurship.

The entrepreneurs

Massaka was created by 2 young entrepreneurs passionate about rural development issues:

  • Inoussa MAIGA : President of the company, and in charge of the coordination of the communication for development branch of activities. He holds a master’s degree in information and communication technology, option communication for development from the Joseph KI-ZERBO University and an international master’s degree in media management from the Ecole Supérieur de Journalisme de Lille. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of information and communication.
  • Nawsheen Bibi HOSENALLY : Co-manager and in charge of the coordination of the activity branch Agribusiness TV. She holds an MSc in Management and Information Systems (Change and Development) from the University of Manchester, and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Mauritius in Agriculture, option Vulgarisation Agricole. She has over 10 years of experience in communication and media management.

Partnership with Sinergi Burkina and I&P

Massaka is supported by I&P and Sinergi Burkina through I&P Accelération in Sahel. This partnership aims at :

  • Strengthen the organization and structuring of the Agribusiness TV platform (access to a premium space, online training, instructional manuals, networking, etc.)
  • Develop editorial projects to increase the audience of Agribusiness TV and build loyalty
  • Acquire production and reporting equipment (journalist kits)
  • Strengthen the company’s structure and management system

Expected impacts

  • Consolidation of 13 existing jobs and creation of 8 new permanent full-time jobs
  • Contribution to the promotion of agriculture and youth entrepreneurship
  • Improve the structuration and organization of the company
  • Contribution to the national economy through the payment of taxes to the tax authorities
In portfolio since: 2022

GMM Koira Ma Hansé

Sector of activity: Service
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Hamidou Abdoulaye
Country: Niger
A propos:

GMM Koira Ma Hansé is a company specialized in security, guarding and repair services (electricity, water) and cleaning in Niger.

The entrepreneur

GMM Koira Ma Hansé was created in 2017 by Hamidou Abdoulaye, an entrepreneur. He cumulates 9 years of experience in security and cleaning.

Partnership with I&P and Sinergi

GMM Koira Ma Hansé is supported by Sinergi and I&P through I&P Acceleration in Sahel. This partnership aims at strengthening the company’s structure and developing new products, in particular a video surveillance service (events, premises, warehouses) and geolocation to fight against robberies, a common problem for companies and individuals in Niger.

In portfolio since: 2022

Promoting the business climate: I&P gathers SME support structures in Cotonou

From January, 31st to February, 3rd, I&P organized a regional meeting in Cotonou, Benin, for a training seminar aimed at strengthening the skills of stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (accelerators, incubators, public and private intermediaries) and thus promote the development of an SME-friendly environment.









Sector of activity: Service
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Mahamadoun A. Traoré, Moussa Coulibaly et Bamory Coulibaly 
Country: Mali
A propos:

Sanuva is a company specialized in the collection, sorting and recycling of waste in Mali. The company also offers training and awareness workshops as part of the Social and Environmental Responsibility of Malian SMEs.

The entrepreneurs

Sanuva was created in 2019 by three young Malians trained in France and Mali, Mahamadoun A. Traoré, Moussa Coulibaly and Bamory Coulibaly who came together around their common vision to participate in the sanitation and sustainable development of Mali.

Objet du financement

Sanuva is supported by Zira Capital and I&P through I&P Acceleration in Sahel. The main objective of this partnership is to :

  • Develop the recycling unit (work on the unit, installation of a water point, purchase of fire extinguishers) 
  • Increase the collection and production capacity through the acquisition of new production equipment and a dump truck
  • Strengthen the team with new hires and reinforce occupational health and safety (OHS) standards 
  • Organize the key functions (accounting, operational and commercial) of the company through technical assistance 

Expected impacts

  • Strengthen the accountability function and increase sales
  • Maintenance of existing jobs and creation of 6 new jobs (including 3 day laborers)
  • Reorganization of production and reduction of energy consumption in the medium term 
  • Compliance with fire standards and reinforcement of health and safety measures
In portfolio since: 2022

I&P publishes its Annual Impact Report


I&P is pleased to present its Annual Impact Report, that presents the collective results of our different programs and funds.

The report presents an overview of I&P's activities and impact methodology and goes through our six impact pillars : developing Africa entrepreneurship, creating decent jobs, providing SDG-aligned goods and services, promoting women's empowerment, strengthening the local economic fabric and fostering environmentally-friendly development.


20/20 Edtech

Sector of activity: Education & Training
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Abderrahmane SOW et Ahmadou BA
Country: Senegal
A propos:


20/20 Edtech is a Senegalese start-up born from the vision of contributing to the improvement of the Senegalese education system through technology: thanks to its 20/20 application, the company offers educational content through short videos explaining courses, tests and an evaluation for each user.


20/20 Edtech was founded in 2020 by 2 Senegalese entrepreneurs from 30 years old, Abderrahmane SOW and Ahmadou BA.

Partnership with I&P

20/20 Edtech is supported by I&P through I&P Acceleration in Sahel program dedicated to education. 

This partnership aims to : 

  • develop training contents
  • contribute to the developement of the operational team
  • contribute to the creation of brand image through marketing reinforcement, the business developpement and monitoring UX



In portfolio since: 2022


Sector of activity: Agro-food
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Armand Siallou Kouadio
Country: Ivory Coast
A propos:

Siallou Production Agricole & Animale (SPAA) is a company specialized in the transformation of coffee beans (green coffee) into ground coffee in Ivory Coast.

The entrepreneur

SPAA was founded by Armand Siallou Kouadio, a young entrepreneur with a DUT in Communication and Human Resources and a BTS in Business Communication. After spending 11 years with agricultural cooperatives in coffee and cocoa, he founded his own company.

Partnership with I&P and Comoé Capital

SPAA is supported by I&P and Comoé Capital through I&P Acceleration in Sahel. This partnership will enable to organize the production unit and to improve its production capacity. SPAA will also benefit from a technical support which will revitalize the accounting and commercial functions of the company and improve the production process as well as the quality of the products.

In portfolio since: 2022

Jamalia Group

Sector of activity: Agro-food
Status: Financement d'amorçage
Entrepreneur: Mathias Dessu
Country: Cameroon
A propos:

Jamalia Group is a Cameroonian agro-industrial company specialized in the production and commercialization of sweets and snack products such as caramelized peanuts (Caramélo) and roasted and salted peanuts (Peanuts) under the brand Natura.

The entrepreneur

Jamalia Group was created in 2015 by Mathias Dessu to offer snack that correspond to Cameroonian culinary habits. After his studies and experiences in Germany and with a strong desire to promote products made in Cameroon and reconvert to agro-industrial, a field he is passionate about, this entrepreneur decided to return to Cameroon after 15 years outside the country to launch Jamalia Group.

Partnership with I&P and Zira Capital

Jamalia Group est is supported by I&P and Zira Capital through I&P Acceleration in Sahel.

This funding will allow the company to :

  • acquire the machines necessary for the semi-industrialized production of the new product (spicy plantain chips)
  • set up premises more conducive to the development of the activity in terms of quality
  • improve commercial actions and build a brand identity
In portfolio since: 2022