Date: 17/09/2020
Theme: Vie d'I&P


Launched a few months thanks to the support of the French Development Agency through the Digital Africa initiative, the program I&P Acceleration Technologies welcomes three high-potential African digital startups in its portfolio.

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Photo : Jiro-Ve © Heidi Yanulis Photography



I&P Acceleration Technologies carries out its first deals

I&P Acceleration Technologies is a €2.5 million program that aims to finance and support some fifteen digital startups in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on Western Africa, Central Africa, and Madagascar. The program provides the entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to support and train them, according to their needs. These tools enable entrepreneurs to improve their chances of future fundraising, amplify their impacts and, more broadly, support the tech ecosystem.

Three companies have been selected to be part of the program:

Teliman is the very first on-demand motorcycle-taxi service in Bamako, Mali. Teliman is co-directed by Hawa Traoré and Abdoulaye Maiga, two young and talented professionals from the Malian diaspora. The startup aims to reach more than 28,500 motorcycles in its fleet by 2023 and to expand in the sub-region, part of which will be financed by I&P Acceleration Technologies, backed by Yamaha and Mercy Corps.

SmartPredict is a SaaS platform using artificial intelligence for predictive analytics that helps companies in the deployment of their projects. This Malagasy company, developed in 2018 by Ranto Andriambololona, a talented entrepreneur, has received strong interest from major international companies through its test phase. The funding provided by I&P Acceleration Technologies will support further technical and then commercial development of the platform.

Jiro-Ve is a pioneering company in rural electrification in Madagascar, launched in 2014 by Rik Stamhuis, an entrepreneur who has been living in Madagascar for many years. Jiro-Ve has come up with an innovative, inclusive micro franchise model to provide affordable and healthy lighting for marginalized communities, reaching more than 12.000 customers. The program’s funding will allow Jiro-Ve to expand its reach by distributing more kits in more regions, both in Madagascar and on the African continent.


“African entrepreneurs took the switch to digital in a very clear way a few years ago. They often provide services and technical innovations of specific use to African situations: access to essential goods and services, innovative means of payment, online training services, etc. These companies have a very high growth and impact potential, but they often require specific financing and support tools”.

Olivier Furdelle, CEO of Teranga Capital


An experienced team to ensure the program's successful implementation

Relying largely on I&P’s investment teams to identify relevant prospects and opportunities, the program I&P Acceleration Technologies is implemented by Julio Mupemba and Olivier Furdelle.

An enthusiastic advocate of startups and digital technology, Julio Mupemba joined I&P in 2020 as coordinator of the program I&P Acceleration Technologies. He holds a Master's degree in Finance from the Kedge Business School. He spent five years in consulting firms (E&Y and KPMG), before becoming an independent consultant on financial issues for startups, micro and small businesses, particularly in Africa. Julio is also a member of France Invest's Africa group and has had the opportunity to personally invest in several African startups.

Olivier Furdelle is the Managing Director of Teranga Capital, an equity impact investment vehicle dedicated to finance and support high-potential small & medium businesses in Senegal and Gambia, financed by I&P and several Senegalese investors. Olivier has 20 years of professional experience in impact investing and financing SMEs and entrepreneurs in Africa. He has led since 2009 numerous investment transactions in SMEs and startups in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Previously he led venture capital investments in technology startups within a telecom operator in Europe, and also participated in the creation of a startup in the field of e-learning.



The program is one of the six initiatives financed by the French Development Agency through Digital Africa, a €15 million seed fund to help support and finance African startups.

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Digital Africa’s mission is to promote African innovation and entrepreneurship. It is a collaborative initiative built through a new Africa-France relationship. It aims to structure a stronger ecosystem able to unleash, develop and support innovative and impact-oriented entrepreneurial projects across the continent and provide everything entrepreneurs need to hold their project: network, knowledge, resources, opportunities and exposure. Read more