Date: 23/04/2023
Theme: Vie d'I&P


The potential of agribusiness in Africa is immense, the continent has 50% of the total unused fertile land in the world; about 450 million hectares1. Yet faced with the challenges of population growth, urbanization, climate change, industrialization and competition, the sector is struggling to emerge and structure its development. 

Over the past 20 years, I&P has supported 44 agri-food SMEs across the continent and invested 21.4 million euros, through financial mechanisms and support solutions designed to respond to the specific needs of entrepreneurs in a sector quite different from others...  


I&P wanted to capitalize on these twenty years of experience through a sector-specific fact sheet, including testimonials (from investors and entrepreneurs), and identifying several key learnings for the sector.

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Five key learnings

1 - Control of supply is essential. 

2 - A clear commercial and marketing strategy provides a competitive advantage. 

3 - Technical assistance is crucial to build the capacity of contractors and their teams. 

4 - Tailored financing solutions are mandatory for the seasonal nature of the agricultural activity. 

5 - Climate issues must be at the heart of every discussion between investors and entrepreneurs.


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"Producing in Africa for Africans is a challenge, certainly, but it is as much an opportunity."




"When you support a company in scaling up, you also need to support your network of producers to enable them to keep up with that growth in supply."




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