Date: 19/10/2021
Theme: Vie d'I&P


The Catalytic Capital Consortium’s Grantmaking program has awarded $2.2 million to 14 organizations, among which is Investisseurs & Partenaires.

This support will allow us to analyse the impact of catalytic capital (investment capital that is patient, risk-tolerant, and flexible) brought to African entrepreneurs in order to share best practices and provide recommendations to maximize its efficiency.

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About the Catalytic Capital Consortium’s Grantmaking program

Established in 2019, the Catalytic Capital Consortium is an investment, learning, and market development initiative created and led by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the Omidyar Network.

Together, these partners jointly fund the C3 Grantmaking program, which is housed at and administered the New Venture Fund (NVF). C3 aims to increase the flow and impact of catalytic capital to make social and environmental progress that would not otherwise be possible.

A total of 87 groups based in 17 countries applied for funding in response to the C3 Grantmaking program’s public call for proposals last fall. The 14 awardees include universities, nonprofits and collaborations spanning seven countries. Collectively, they will use the funding to study catalytic capital across diverse geographies and sectors. Awardees include:

Aceli Africa and Dalberg Advisors (East Africa)
Ashesi University and Impact Investing Ghana (Ghana)
Center for Financial Inclusion (Global)
First Peoples Worldwide (U.S.)
Impact Finance Research Consortium (Global)
Initiative for Blended Finance at University of Zurich, the University of Cape Town GSB Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Roots of Impact (Global South)
Institute for Multi-Stakeholder Initiative (MSI) Integrity (U.S.)
Investisseurs & Partenaires (Africa)
New Growth Innovation Network (U.S.)
Open Capital Advisors (Africa)
Periferia Policy and Research Center (Eastern/Southeastern Europe)
Prime Coalition (Global)
The Urban Institute (U.S.)
200 Million Artisans (India)

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About I&P’s research project: sharing best practices and providing recommendations to maximize the efficiency of catalytic capital in Sub-Saharan Africa

I&P will analyze its large pool of transactions (more than 150 transactions in 16 countries), funds and structures to help explain why and where catalytic capital has been needed, what forms it has typically taken, what firms have been involved, how it has been utilized and what economic, social and financial outcomes have been achieved.

This research will analyze different forms of catalytic capital, such as equity at both the fund and SME level, as well as the landscape of investors from Africa, Europe and the U.S. that have been involved in these efforts.

The project will surface best practices and provide recommendations to maximize the efficiency of catalytic capital when supporting African entrepreneurs.

The team believes the work will generate deep insights into the need for catalytic capital and investment products and structures that are best aligned with the needs of the enterprises themselves. It will undertake advocacy work around the findings and hold webinars and meetings to promote stakeholder dialogue and engagement.

I&P’s research project will be conducted by I&P Conseil, with the support of R.M.D.A as an external evaluation expert.