Date: 22/11/2014

Jean-Michel Severino, CEO of I&P, was interviewed on November 22th on Europe 1 by Anne Sinclair. 

An opportunity to review the current political, economical and social changes on the African continent. 

Listen to the interview on Europe 1's website 



J.-M. Severino underlines the tremendous change of mentality among civil society: emerging middle classes, new generation of African entrepreneurs, growing assetiveness of civil society (the recent events in Burkina Faso is a revealing example)

If "African Development cannot be a 'long fleuve tranquille', M. Severino is confident about the futrue economic development of the continent, destined to become a "great economic power"

Two phenomenon in the last decade: return of Capital Inflows (mostly from migrants) and the multiplication of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 


J.M. Severino