Malakass Miarakap Investisseurs & Partenaires
Date: 03/02/2022
Theme: Vie d'I&P



Miarakap signs its 7th investment, and its first participation in agribusiness, by investing in the capital of the young company Malakass, specialized in the transformation of cassava into high quality flour.

Malakass, founded in 2021 by Houssen Mebobaly, has set itself the mission of contributing to the development of the cassava farming sector in the Atsimo-Andrefana region, thanks to the installation of a factory that is fully compliant with standards, enabling the transformation of the "white gold of the South" into high quality flour, certified organic and fair trade, for the local market, but also for European countries, major importers of this high value-added product, gluten-free, used in bakery and pastry, both by craftsmen and industrialists.




" Coming back to Madagascar in 2019 to undertake my business after a dozen years in France for my studies and the beginning of my career in the banking sector, I was struck by the undervalued potential of the cassava sector in my native region. While the consumption of cassava flour is rapidly increasing in Europe, with consumers demanding exotic, authentic and organic products, not to mention the great trend of gluten-free diets, I was sorry to see cassava dried on the side of the road, and bought at low prices only by collectors, without any concern for the valorization of the product. So I decided to add value by transforming it into high quality flour." - Houssen Mebobaly

The Malakass factory, ideally located near its network of cassava producers, the RN7 road for supplying the Malagasy market, and the international port of Toliara for export, will have a total production capacity of 1,000 tons per year and will be able to rely on a network of more than 200 farmers for its supply, many of whom will be grouped together in the "KAM" cooperative, founded by Malakass and headed by Ms. Pélagie, a young farmer with a solid presence in the region.

Convinced by this ambitious project, the skills, the openness and the strong vision of the promoter, Miarakap decided to invest in Malakass, for a minority shareholding that will allow the young company to start its factory, to structure its supply network, to obtain the necessary certifications for export and to implement the commercial and communication actions that will allow the brand to be widely distributed in Madagascar.

"We started discussing with Houssen more than 2 years ago, but at that time the project was not mature enough. Houssen then impressed us with his determination, his personal risk-taking and his ability to build a solid project by being open to our recommendations. He succeeded almost single-handedly in setting up his factory, and we are now intervening to give greater scope to the project, to help him in the implementation of his commercial strategy, particularly in export markets where the markets are very large and growing rapidly, and also, we hope, to contribute to mobilizing other funding to participate in the emergence of a solid sector that will contribute to the development of the Atsimo-Andrefana region. A few months before finalizing Miarakap's investments and starting to raise new financing to support even more entrepreneurs, it was necessary to take a first participation in the agribusiness sector. It is done, and we are very happy about it". - Emmanuel Cotsoyannis, Directeur Général de Miarakap.



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