Date: 18/02/2021


StarNews Mobile, a start-up specialized in the field of mobile video that achieved a first fundraising with I&P, announced it has joined the fourth Snap Inc.’s Yellow Accelerator, a program launched in May 2018 for entrepreneurs working at the intersection of content creation and technology.

Yellow Accelerator will invest $150K in StarNews Mobile and provide a 14-week curriculum to facilitate strategy, growth, fundraising and mentorship. The 14-week program completes on Friday, May 7.

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StarNews Mobile was selected among eight other companies to join the program. StarNews Mobile creates a pathway for creation and distribution, as well as access to quality streaming content for end users. StarNews Mobile will leverage Snap Inc.’s best practices and provide insight into the mobile streaming ecosystem in Africa.

“We are thrilled to be selected to join Yellow’s exclusive accelerator,” said Guy Kamgaing, Founder and CEO of StarNews Mobile. “StarNews Mobile was developed with African content creators and fans in mind and our company is growing exponentially as we continue to pen deals with the largest telecom operators, artists, and entertainement networks in the US and Africa."


About StarNews Mobile

Launched in 2017, StarNews is a network of mobile video channels that gives access to quality content thanks to strong distribution and marketing partnerships with pan-African mobile operators such as MTN, Orange and Moov.

StarNews is positioning itself in a unique market, specifically adapted to the African context to unlock the potential of the creation of mobile video content on the continent.


In December 2020, StarNews carried out a first fundraising campaign with Investisseurs & Partenaires through its I&P Afrique Entrepreneurs 2 fund, launched late 2017 to support the emergence of a new generation of responsible African businesses. The company is fully in line with the investment mandate of the fund, due to its unique and relevant positioning in a booming market and its strong impact on the promotion of African talents.

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programme: IPAE 2