Date: 19/10/2016


One year after the training seminar on CSR (Corporate Social Responsabilities) issues, the entrepreneurs and the training team assess the action plans undertaken over the last months. It appears that many of the companies implement policies to improve the well-being of their employees, and made particular efforts to provide better health insurance mechanisms.

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A few indicators measured over the year:

• 80% of the companies offered at least one training to their employees in 2015

• 331 000 € of budget dedicated to employees' training in 2015

• 1197 employees trained in 2015

• 5 annual seminars organized by partner companies



Focus on Health Insurance

During the last seminar, I&P implemented a support program to help companies of IPAE portfolio improve their health insurance policies. The program is run with the financial and operational contributions of FISEA (Proparco) and is ensured by the Ivorian consulting firm Afrik Assur, represented by Max de Font-Réaulx.

Some key numbers :

• 80% of the companies offer a health insurance system to their employees

• 40% set up or improve their health insurance policy since IPAE investment

• 2 companies implemented a system for employees' representation

• 5 companies set up support missions for Human Resources

• 4 companies improved the formalization of their work contracts


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