Country: Cameroon
Sector of activity: Agriculture
Status: Exit
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Employees: 112
In portfolio since: 2007 (sortie partielle)

Biotropical est une société de production et d’exportation de fruits tropicaux biologiques certifié par Ecocert.

Biotropical is a company producing and exporting biological tropical fruits (mangoes, bananas, pineapple, papayas…) which are exported in fresh, frozen or dry toward France and other European Union countries. Biotropical is certified by Ecocert.


I&P Partnership

I&P is committed alongside Biotropical:

• To bring a financial support allowing the extension of plantations 

• To improve production with a new factory

• To strengthen the governance scheme by chairing the board

• To provide Biotropical with commercial inputs

• To undertake technical assistance missions in management, commercial and financial fields



• 112 jobs created or kept, including 40% women

• Around a hundred of small local producers are trained and accompanied by Biotropical which transform and export their production

• Organic production enhancement in Cameroon, substitution of classical inputs by organic ones 

• Knock-on effect within the sector since 7 local producers went organic after Biotropical arrived on the market

• Environmental-friendly activity


En savoir plus


Impact Study (2012), in partnership with Planète d’Entrepreneurs