Country: Ivory Coast
Sector of activity: Education & Training
Status: Seed funding
Associed fund: I&P Education et emploi
Entrepreneur: Caliste Claude M’BAHIA
In portfolio since: 2022

The Institut Ivoirien de Technologie (IIT) is a higher education institution created in 2019 and providing training in the fields of engineering and management.

The general philosophy that guides the education provided at IIT is that of "Mens et Manus", which means Mind and Hands. The founder, Caliste Claude M'Bahia, believes that the acquisition of knowledge is as important as its practical application in the field. Therefore, IIT combines practice with theory through group work and interactive learning with professionals.



Caliste Claude M'BAHIA is a computer engineer, entrepreneur and company director with a passion for technology. He graduated from the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

He began his entrepreneurial career with the creation of Smart Technologies, an IT services and consulting company where he served as CEO for four years. He then decided to found the Institut Ivoirien de Technologie (IIT) in order to contribute to the emergence of a more prosperous African society, through the learning of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.



Through its I&P Education to Employment program, I&P is committed to working with the Institut Ivoirien de Technologie to:

Improve the quality of education with the acquisition of electronic telecommunications and network equipment 

Support the implementation of a scholarship program for girls co-funded by the program and already identified ecosystem actors, 

Strengthen campus safety and security through the implementation of an infirmary and a new security process



 Strengthen the employability of young people

 Improve the quality of training provision through the acquisition of new equipment

Enable twenty young women from disadvantaged backgrounds to access appropriate training through a scholarship system