Country: Cameroon
Sector of activity: Agriculture
Status: Exit
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Jean-Marie Olicard, Groupe CCDI
Employees: 34
In portfolio since: 2009

Kawtal is an agribusiness company based in Cameroon, specialized in corn production.

In 2009, I&P acquired 40% of SAGEX, an agribusiness company producing corn on a fully-mechanized and rationalized processing plant. In 2014, Sagex merged with Kawtal Ndmeri, a neighboring exploitation in order to double the production and start processing baby feeding flours.

Though agriculture is a key sector to Cameroon’s economy (up to 40% of the GDP), it suffers from a lack of mechanization and production rationalization which affects its profitability and production volumes. Thus, local corn farming is highly insufficient to cover the current market needs. Cameroon is every year a net corn importer, which implies high costs for local consumers because of transportation and importation costs. Kawtal intends to fill the needs of this local market with a better-mastered production and distribution chain.

Kawtal has developed a partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, so as to enhance the agricultural potential of the region.



I&P committed alongside with Kawtal:

• To start the company’s activity based on mechanizing an old production site

• To finance the equipment and inputs

• To finance a 200ha increase of the exploited field



• 34 jobs created or maintained

• Participation in local food security


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