Date: 26/10/2021


Dr. Wisdom Amegbletor is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur. After completing University of Ghana Medical School in 1999, he completed his mandatory housemanship and then decided to work at Greenshield Clinic in Sefwi-Wiawso, a rural town in the Western region of Ghana. This experience inspired him to found New Crystal Health Services in 2003, a leading and one of the fastest growing private healthcare service providers in Ghana.

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Can you tell us more about New Crystal Health Services?

New Crystal Health Services is Ghana’s leading private health care group dedicated to the urban poor. New Crystal now serves an average of 300,000 customers per year through a chain of six networked clinics, a diagnostic services company and a pharmaceutical wholesale and retail company.

We go a long way in providing high quality, safe, and effective care to our communities. We also conduct public awareness and prevention campaigns, such as the Pink October campaign that is currently running on our social networks (fight against breast cancer)



How has the Covid-19 crisis has impacted your activity?

New Crystal was actively engaged in the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ghana. We kept our doors open and our staff bravely confronted their fears and we were able to contain the situation.

In addition to education and awareness creation, we also provided testing services, treatment of positive cases and long-term rehabilitation of recovered clients.

We continue to offer these services. The pandemic has boosted the confidence of our staff and we are confident in our ability to respond appropriately in the future should it occur again.


What have you achieved since I&P's investment?

Since our modest beginnings in a four-bedroom facility in 2003, New Crystal has grown up significantly. Since 2020, thanks to I&P's capital investment and technical support, our ambition is to move to the next stage. I&P is helping us to improve our infrastructure, get more equipment so that we can receive more customers, and create more jobs.

We share a real alignment of values with I&P, particularly in terms of our vision of social impact.



What have been your main achievements so far? What are your projects?

In may 2021, we were able to attain ISO 9001, 45001 and 27001 Certifications, which was an important step in the structuring and strengthening of our activities.

We also started the infrastructure upgrade of our Ashiaman and Michel Camp facilities (greater Accra region), and acquired state-of-the-art equipment to provide additional essential services such as intensive care, pediatric care and complex surgical services, as well as to treat lifestyle-related illnesses.


Among other projects, we are partnering with another organisation to establish a post graduate medical training program. This will not only improve our human resource capabilities but will provide an opportunity for many doctors to see the private sector as a viable option after graduation


What do you think are the three essential qualities of an African entrepreneur?

I would say: perseverance, integrity, and having proper documentation.

Perseverance, because we work in a very difficult environment.

Integrity is key in our business relationships, because if people don't trust you, they won't do business with you.

And thirdly, I would say documentation, because this is a challenge in most African companies: we tend not to keep documents.



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