Date: 08/03/2022
Theme: Vie d'I&P


For the International Women's Rights Day, I&P evaluated its gender policy on the basis of the annual report of the Deloitte & France Invest "Talents & Diversity" Commission, which aims to promote and encourage the role of women and gender diversity in the Capital Investment business. 

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I&P, a signatory of the France Invest charter, ''Promoting gender parity in Private Equity and in companies'', is implementing a committed gender policy.   

One of the pillars of this policy is to promote gender equality within formal SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa, by strengthening access to financing for SMEs run by women and/or that meet women's specific needs, promote the inclusion of women, strengthen their power in decision-making processes and give them access to decent jobs and training opportunities.

This gender policy is also a strong marker internally, as I&P is committed to gender parity both at the governance level and among its own employees.


Key figures 

Among the companies in the portfolio

33% of the companies supported by I&P family are run by women

79% of I&P's portfolio meets at least one of the criteria of the 2X Challenge, an initiative of development banks to define what would be considered a women-friendly investment.

All our programs and investment vehicles pay particular attention to projects led by women

At I&P's team

Women represent 52% of I&P's employees

More specifically, the investment team includes 33% women (33% for the IPAE funds; 33% for the IPDEV 2 program)

44% of I&P's executive committee is composed of women


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