Portrait Entrepreneur: Bakary Coulibaly, from ENVAL LABORATOIRE in Ivory Coast



After a career in public education, Bakary Coulibaly decides to launch, with a couple of associates, a consultancy firm (started in 2000) and a microbiological laboratory (2012). Since its creation, the laboratory has gained a significant notoriety in the West African sub region.




A born entrepreneur


A crowdfunding campaign to finance PhileoL's new project in Madagascar



The crowdfunding platform Blue Bees, dedicated to agriculture, agroecology and sustainable food system, has recently launched a campaign to support the Madagascan company PhileoL. The objective is to finance the annual collect of castor oil seeds, ensuring stable income for 5,000 small producers in the region.





Featured Entrepreneur: Gatien Adjagboni, director of the bakery Tincy


Gatien Adjagboni, a young Beninese entrepreneur, has started a few years ago a promising bakery activity in the capital city of Cotonou. He graduated from a French business school and started his career at the Brtitish America Tobacco Benin. In 2006, he launched his own consulting firm, Tincy.