A new report on poverty and shared prosperity

The World Bank published a new report on the state of poverty in the world. The study says that extreme poverty worldwide continues to fall despite the lethargic state of the global economy. But it warns that given projected growth trends, reducing high inequality may be a necessary component to reaching the world’s goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.  

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I&P publishes a new study on impact investment and the SDGs


Investisseurs & Partenaires (I&P) and the Foundation for International Development Study and Research (FERDI) publish a study on impact investment in Africa, entitled “Investing in Africa’s development: how impact investing can contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa”.


Growth Perspectives in Africa: where is the continent standing?


The last reports published by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal a signifgicant decrase of growth on the continent. Economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to fall to 1.6 percent in 2016, the lowest level in over two decades. That being said, the pattern of growth across countries is very heterogeneous, and some countries are continuing to post annual average growth rates of over 6 percent.


J.-M. Severino publishes new article: "the challenge facing impact investors"


The blog "Private Sector & Development", coordinated by Proparco, has recently published a contribution of Jean-Michel Severino, President of Investisseurs & Partenaires. Entitled "Acting sustainably to promote African small businesses: the challenge facing mission investors", the article highlights the needs for private equity financing for African start-ups and small growing businesses. 


Growth prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa, an analytical document


The recent reports of the World Bank and the IMF underline the slowdown in African growth (expected at 3% for the coming year), under the combine effect of the continuing weakness in global growth and the falling commodity prices.

We observe however a great disparity among countries, and especially between oil importers and oil exporters. The fall of commodity prices is actually more of an advantage for the first group of countries, while it seriously questions the economic model of the second group.  


Impact investing under the spotlight: 3 new studies released


Three recent reports, published by the OECD, the GIIN and Morgan Stanley, offer in-depth analyses of impact investing, defined by the Global Impact Investing Network as the ‘’investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return




The OECD, Social Impact Investment, Building the Evidence Base, February 2015


What type of involvement for companies involved in development cooperation? A new study conducted by the GRET


GRET conducted a study on the involvement of companies in development cooperation and international solidarity for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (Maedi). This study contributes to the French strategy to facilitate an inclusive social economy, which is now in its final phase and will hopefully soon be validated.