Sector of activity: Health
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Malick SY
Employees: 10
Country: Mali
A propos:

CAMED is the third largest pharmaceutical distributor in Mali and the leader on the generics market. Created in 1995 and initially Specialized in generic drugs, CAMED was subsequently transformed into a universal distributor, and offers a diverse range of pharmaceutical products. Since the lifting of pharmaceutical monopoly of the Pharmacie Populaire du Mali, this wholesale has become a major player in the availability and distribution of drugs, including specialty drugs and consumables.



After 8 years of coaching, I&P sold its shares in 2011 to local pharmacists and the main pharmaceutical wholesaler provider of CAMED. The fund leaves behind a formal company, with well-structured quality management, and a turnover tripled. CAMED is now # 3 on the market challenger of two multinationals with a reported return on investment of over 20%.



Malick Sy is a doctor graduated from the University of Bamako in pharmacy. His desire to undertake led him at the end of his studies to refuse job offers. He started an import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, starting with a motorcycle and funds borrowed from relatives. His business sense, its strategic direction and ability to surround himself with good managers and teams have enabled him to win in CAMED’s outstanding success. He is determined to prove that it is possible for local players to shine in a competitive environment of the pharmaceutical market.



I&P is committed alongside with CAMED:

• By helping to structure and strengthen management and business accounting

• By investing in storage spaces and rolling stock

• By organizing the marketing approach and enlargement of the product portfolio

• By helping to raise bank loans to finance the stock of medicines



• Creating a dozen jobs

• Development of a range of quality generic products at affordable prices


In portfolio since: 2003 (exit in 2011)


Sector of activity: Construction
Status: Investissement en capital
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Narcisse Zolla
Employees: 26
Country: Benin
A propos:

Bhelix is the first SME in Benin to produce norm-adjusted gravel responding to laboratory set quality standards.

So far, construction firms had to produce their own gravel because of the broadly artisanal and informal nature of the market. Bhélix aims at the normalization of a formal offer for inputs destined to construction companies.



Narcisse Zolla is a civil works engineer and former consultant for the Dutch cooperation. He also graduated in management from the University of Bordeaux.  



• Financed its investment plan (equipments, transport machine and management system)

• Realized a technical audit of BHELIX's production plant

• Advised BHELIX to find high-quality resources and improved management operations



• Setting up of a norm-based material production chain in Benin

• More than 20,000 tons of granite sold in 2015

• 7 local suppliers


In portfolio since: 2009


Sector of activity: Education & Training
Status: Investissement en capital
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Daouda Coulibaly
Employees: 15
Country: Mali
A propos:

TRAINIS, founded in 2008 by Daouda Coulibaly, offers general high-level training in management. These courses are concentrated on one to three weeks and led by a panel of African or European training experts. TRAINIS responds to a strong need for training among African executives who want to get in line with international standards. In a context of openness to globalization, these managers are looking to accelerate their careers hitherto hampered by basic training deemed insufficient.



Daouda Coulibaly went to school in Mali before getting a scholarship to study in France. Parallel to his university studies in geography, he was self-taught in IT and created one of the most visited African websites. On his return to Mali, he created a company in the field of computing. This resale business equipment led him to measure a high demand for high-level computer courses. He decided to gap the demand with computing trainings. He then diversified into provision of international management seminars with higher added value. He mobilized high quality trainers around general management training on topics such as project management, HR, and strategic management.



I&P is committed alongside TRAINIS:

• Identifying influencers and prospects of different "product lines" of trainings

• Participating in the strategic development plan over 3 years

• Providing support to the design and formalization of the communication policy of the company



• Creation of a sub-regional player in professional training aimed at African executives

• 15 jobs maintained in 2015, including 30% of women

• 15 local suppliers


In portfolio since: 2010

Carotech Mali

Sector of activity: Construction
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Malick SY et Aïcha SY
Employees: 21
Country: Mali
A propos:

CAROTECH Mali produces cement-based cover and pavement tiles in Bamako. The process, unique in Mali, does not use any oven, which is a great asset in a country where power is very expensive. CAROTECH Mali project is supported by a particularly buoyant market, driven by the very significant and rapid urban growth in the major cities of the country, especially in Bamako.



Malick Sy, is a doctor of pharmacy and created CAMED, a leading pharmaceutical distributor of which I&P has long been a shareholder. He partnered with I&P to create CAROTECH Mali, adopting the technology used by a Nigerian company.

The company is headed since its inception by Aisha Sy, Malick’s wife. Aisha has a degree in management science and previously worked in the microfinance sector. Her rigorous management, her acute business sense and her natural authority allowed her to lead a successful development of the company.



Beyond financial investment, I&P is committed alongside CAROTECH Mali:

• Bringing technology franchised by International Carotech

• By strengthening its structures through several technical assistance missions

• By providing the company with a strong management information system (GIS)



• 21 direct jobs were created between 2007 and 2011.

• Contribution to the development of local industry as a substitute for imported products

• Energy efficient technology


In portfolio since: 2005 (exit in 2013)