Sahel Lab

Sector of activity: Equipment & Maintenance
Status: Investissement en capital
Associed fund: Sinergi Niger
Entrepreneur: Djibo Takoubakoye DAOUDA
Employees: 7
Country: Niger
A propos:

SAHEL-LAB is a Nigerien laboratory that prepares mining samples for exploration actors in the country (uranium, gold) and conducts chemical, hydrologic and environmental analyses for other actors including large NGOs.


Sahel-Lab was co-founded by SINERGI in 2009, after the entrepreneur M. Takoubakoye Daouda applied for a business plan competition organized by SINERGI in 2008. SINERGI invested €67,000 in Sahel Lab, taking a minority equity position and providing a long-term shareholder’s loan.


Sahel-Lab has grown its activity exponentially since 2011. Today, Sahel-Lab is the leading mining laboratory in Niger, accredited ISO 17 025 and realizing 100% of the samples preparation needs of the main players in mining exploration (Gazprom, Global Uranium, etc.). Sahel-Lab has created 18 trained jobs so far and plans to grow additional mining services in the years to come.



Mr. Djibo Takoubakoye DAOUDA holds a PhD in Nuclear Instrumentation from the University of Sherbrooke (Quebec-Canada), a DESS in Nuclear Security from Joseph Fourrier University (Grenoble-France) and a Master's degree in Physics from Abdou Moumouni University (Niamey-Niger).

Prior to founding Sahel-Lab, he was responsible for the Radiological Environmental Monitoring Service, in charge of the gamma-ray spectrometric analysis of environmental samples (water, soil, vegetables, etc.) from the mining regions and the analysis annual balance sheets provided by the companies. He is also Consultant in cartography and surface radiometry.



• Support to get ISO 17025 certification

• Strategic support to become a market leader



• a leading position on the local market


In portfolio since: 2009

Sinergi Niger

Sector of activity: Finance
Status: Investissement en capital
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Djibo Ibrahima
Employees: 5
Country: Niger
A propos:

SINERGI Niger is a local investment company which aims at the creation and development of small formal enterprises with investments from €30,000 to €75,000.

In Sub-Saharan Africa and particularly in Niger, SMEs have a little access to financial markets. Nevertheless, these are at the heart of the economic development and main job creation sources. The investment fund objective is to answer this strong demand by financing profitable projects with a strong social impact. 



The team of Sinergi is managed by Djibo Ibrahima.

Graduated in engineering (Ecole Normale Supérieure des Mines in Alès), Djibo Ibrahima has always shown a burning interest towards entrepreneurship. He completed various trainings and studies in management, business administration and project management. He spent a part of his career at leading positions in various Nigerien groups (Shell Niger, Niger-Lait) and led numerous feasibility missions for mining projects and companies in Niger, in Burkina-Faso and Mali with an ever-green involvement towards Sahelian SME/SMI. From 1991 to 1997, he was in charge of Nigetip development, a World Bank project designed to support Nigerien SMEs in the building sector.  



I&P is committed alongside SINERGI to:

• Recruit and train the managing team

• Set up a methodology for the selection and the deepened analysis of companies asking for financing 

• Bring an exterior and experimented look in the investment choice



• SINERGI has already invested in more than 7 companies in Niger

• Through realized investments, about a hundred of jobs had been created.


In portfolio since: 2006
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CAT Logistics Niger

Sector of activity: Logistics
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Ali Djimba
Employees: 69
Country: Niger
A propos:

CAT LOGISTICS performs customs clearance and freight transport. The company manages goods and shipping from their arrival in one of the sub-regional ports directly to the client. It has subsidiaries in the three coastal countries of the region: Cotonou in Benin, Tema in Ghana and Lome in Togo.

CAT LOGISTICS has experienced very rapid growth in business volume since 2008, supported by major contracts including AREVA and the World Food Program (WFP). It operates in a particularly buoyant market with oil and mining large-scale investments. It is the only Nigerian-founded company of this size that remains independent from international firms.  In 2013-2014, CAT partnered with the UN for the peace keeping mission in Mali. The company loaded equipment, vehicles and over goods from Abidjan port in Ivory Coast to the Niger River and Gao in Mali.



Ali Djimba holds a master's degree specializing in transit and logistics, and has 30 years of experience in the sector.



I&P committed alongside CAT Logistics:

• By increasing the equity of the company

• Pressing the structure of governance and management

•By implementing a management control and stable and effective financial procedures to better manage the business

• Providing assistance for the development of the financial policy of the company and obtaining bank financing



• Development of a local player in the logistics and transit in a landlocked country

• Impacts on HR policy of the company


In portfolio since: 2010


Sector of activity: Equipment & Maintenance
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Adamou Assane
Employees: 50
Country: Niger
A propos:

LEGENI is the first private laboratory for geothermic and environmental studies in Niger. These studies (materials and sands tests, environmental impacts studies) are essential for the professionalization of the country construction field. Until 2006, Niger had only one public  under-equipped laboratory.  Since its creation in 2004, LEGENI took a leading position thanks to the quality of its equipments and services. The company grew quickly mainly due to mineral investments in the north of the country. 




After having worked for long time as responsible for the maintenance in Areva mineral subsidiaries in the north of the country, Amadou ASSANE joined the Agency for execution of World Bank works in Niger. He ceased such opportunity by creating LEGENI in 2004.

As a proof of the project’s success, I&P has resold its shares of Legeni to Amadou Assane, in conformity with its vocation (Exit and Investment process). 



I&P Partnership

I&P is committed alongside Legeni:

• As the company founding stockholder after having accompanied the entrepreneur in the redaction of its initial business plan

• To provide to LEGENI a technical assistance for the company starting through a training mission for a person having a long experience about the job

• To finance at several times complementary investments in order to enlarge gradually the ranged of services proposed to its customers.



• Amount of created jobs: 50

• Contribution to the professionalization of the Niger construction sector thank to analysis made before and after works enabling to make sure about the constructions and works quality.


In portfolio since: 2004 (sortie en 2012)


Sector of activity: Health
Status: Sortie
Associed fund: IPDEV1
Entrepreneur: Djibrilla Hima et Mahamane Sekou
Employees: 20
Country: Niger
A propos:

Saphar, a Nigerian company established in 1999, is the third largest pharmaceutical distributor in the country, after two subsidiaries of international groups. The company supplies the rural and public hospitals in Niger with generics. The project initially aimed to improve the offer in these underserved areas.


The Entrepreneurs

Since 1999, after the liberalization of the sector, Mahamane Sekou, Doctor of Pharmacy and former Director of the Public Pharmaceutical Supply Centre has teamed up with his friend Djibrilla Hima, a former senior official, to create the largest private medicines distributor in Niger. They gathered around them a few pharmacists from Niamey to complete the roundtable and start the business.


I&P’s partnership 

I&P committed alongside with Saphar:

• To replenish its capital in 2006, when the company has experienced some difficulties

• To help it obtain a renewed confidence from the local banking sector

• To redefine its strategy, with an emphasis on the development of sectors outside Niamey, shunned by other players

• To develop a range of quality generic products

• To improve management processes and information systems



 • 10 jobs created

• Improved access to generic high-quality medicines for inland populations

In portfolio since: 2006-2011